100 thoughts on “Trump’s record-breaking cash haul reportedly rattling Dems”

  1. Sent him $50 last month. Never donated to a campaign before him. I'll send more next year as I want to crush the left and leave no doubt that the silent majority has his back.

  2. So you're telling me this kind of money can be raised for someone to travel and just tell people what they already know is going to be said, but we still have vets who can't find decent jobs and get adequate care for their combat injuries? Shows where real American's concerncs are. If anyone wants to run for office, I say use your own money…

  3. We have the smartest President in history. This man sets the Democrats up for failure and they aren't smart enough to see it.

  4. Dang I wish I could tell idiots im in the white house fighting for them. Imagine being able to repeat the same rhetoric week after week like I've never said it before and have people riding my junk like underwear lint, then actually sit, eat dinner, and laugh with all the people they dont like because I said I dont like 'em. Not a bad way to live!

  5. LOL and trump ran on the "i don't need money from anyone" line. Now all the oligarch wanna be's are lining up to buy influence. This is the swamp people.

  6. Democrats couldn't beat Trump with TWICE as much money spent in 2016. What makes them think they stand a chance spending less money?!?

  7. Gotta love all the people who think they are Democrats or Republicans because they support one or the other. They probably also believe they are Arizona Cardinals or Washington Redskins too!

  8. Lmmfao ain’t nobody rattled off that I see why fox tv viewers are so crazy these ppl on here lie and treat yal like idiots that’s not what’s goin on with this guy he’s a horrible president and guy seems like tbh

  9. America needs to know where all paedophile trump aka individual one money comes from, many republican senators including Pete Sessions confessed that they accepted RUSSIAN funding, the NRA and America first, right wing organisation have admitted funding from RUSSIA, there's been many photographs of republican congress personnel in the Kremlin dining with Putin.

  10. Sending my little $100 to trump, please get rid of lots of Democrats hearing Pelosi talk, as bad as Hillary & Schiff & slick willie!!!

  11. "Shaken"?
    Hardly. Trump lies about money and Republican Senators have seen a big drop off. Trump is assured to be impeached and to donors is just throwing good money after bad.

  12. 1/3rd of a billion dollars and the election is still over 1 year away. Yeah, that should rattle some Democrats nerves. Frankly, I don't think the Democrats are planning on winning. That is why the candidates are so radical. There isn't a sane one in the bunch. None of them are running as-if to win a national election. They are all there to get face time and build upon their political career. Not a one of the Democrats really expect to win or they wouldn't be advocating those issues.

  13. And that number will keep rising. I'm holding back until the end of the year, then again next year. I consider it an investment in our future. I will max out for political donations to this great hero.

  14. There will be no Democratic Party when the Democratic Party when they are done with the unfair impeachment process. Do any of the Democrats want want to stand trial the way the democrats have treated the president. It clearly shows they believe they are above the law and the American people.

  15. On my gosh, it's Brett, on the couch. Aren't you glad your a man, Brett? Look at the clothing, shoes/heels, makeup, hair, my God in Heaven, it's too much! Is it news? Is it workwear? I'm not worried about it. Its just so un natural, when the idea, especially on this show, with the big sectional sofa, is to have a more casual feel.?????? What's the idea with putting a man, in the middle of six women? is it even relevent? doesn't seem to be, so why??? why one man, in the middle of five, or six women????doesn't he feel kind of weird??? Whats strange is some of the set configurations you need stations come up with. What's with the, from behind camera view of the anchors sitting on clear acrylic chairs, behind clear acrylic desks. Geez, you t.v. people don't cut what are supposed to be journalists, not fitness gurus, any slack on the transparency thing, do you? No one can hide behind a desk anymore, I guess. Well, you can try………….

  16. lol give me 1 or 2 m , i will make you reelected or elected with the power of the mind … of my soul , god !

    1 exemple :

    – me 2016 , if she start speech screaming in her rallies , she will think she will win , but no she lost . this idea poped in her head

    1 funny : heres a subliminal message lol : TRiUMPh

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  21. I am a disgusted Independent and I may contribute. TOOOO important. At minimum, I hope to rally Voters and get more involved closer to the election. Dems are doing NOTHING–OBSTRUCTING progress…and wasting Voters money and time to attempt to overturn the Will of the People.

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  23. This impeachment drive is a money making machine for the GOP. A president who knows how to harness anger and make it work for him.

  24. What do Democrats expect when they come out and say, we're going to take everyone's money if we win and especially the richest people's?

  25. Small donors flooding the Trump campaign with cash
    John and Jane Q Citizen attending Trump rallies in huge numbers and still many more standing outside watching him on giant screens


  26. This is just what happens when u try to shove hippie policy down every Americans throat. Especially when anyone who doesn't hop the bandwagon is racist

  27. Donations are going to support a true "PEOPLES PRESIDENT". Not a politician he has
    done more than any other president. And the massive amount of money is to make sure
    that he is going to be there 4 more years. And to make sure when he leaves office he will
    have a legacy of appointing another 1or 2 US Supreme Court Judges and make the entire
    Federal Courts become strict followers of the US Constitution as written by the Founding

  28. I don’t make much, but a small % of my biweekly check goes to Trump 2020. It’s for America and saving it from the hands of evil democrats.

  29. deep state controls this fund . trump may get only a buck , much of the cash may go to RINO's .if trump gives a guy the ok i will vote for him , but you got to vote the ticket , demms are a block .there like nazis all in step ,all yelling the same words no thinking just obey the party ,trump must win he needs to get that wall done . cruz 2024 and 2028 . these leftist got to be left out forever

  30. How the hell will the Fake MSM explain this one? They keep reporting NOBODY AT THE RALLIES and yet here we are with record $$$ raised. So, CNN, MSNBC how do you explain all this?

  31. That's fantastic that the middle class donated all this money to Trump. It's good to support a President even a rich President if my tax dollars don't get used, then I am 100% supporting Trumps voters and the illegal campaign contributions, from the Russian or Ukraine leader…the one that had the perfect conversation even though I could barely understand his broken english, I would never have given it a perfect. But if the Pres says it was then I guess it was. Hes the genius, not me. I chose military service over higher education.

  32. MAGA voters. Please keep donating as much as you can of your hard-earned money to this billionaire genius, so that he can cut taxes for you, fellow billionaires and stock owners.

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