Are you aware that olivia is in love with your boyfriend? eyy No she’s not. Will you stop? uh, Penelope. Dare. Make out with Olivia. Let’s get this party started. Tight. Carter. truth. What are your intentions with our sweet Olivia? I needed to find someone with friends that I could trick into coming here I could tell Olivia was an easy target I brought you all up here cuz I’m okay with strangers dying if it means I get to live What the hell? the game is real. ok wherever you go, whatever you do, it will find you You okay? yeah Something really weird has been going on ever since Mexico. Oh, come on I’m serious. I’m seeing things Truth or dare? Dare. I know it sounds insane Just a little. this fine young lady here dared me to show you my business Seen it before – not impressed Carter said tell the truth or you die, do the dare or you die, refuse to play– you know what, screw this– and You die We’re not playing the game it’s playing us so what do we do only choose truth? Lucas Wait I’m sorry. touch me again, and I’ll break that hand Truth. that’s not how this works only the game decides Break Olivia’s hand. you have to do it. look as pissed as I am at you right now There’s no way I’m gonna break your hand. well you don’t really have a choice God just do it This game is too smart. half the people in this photo are now dead. we need to find what started all this. How do we get out of this game alive You can’t It only ends when all the players are dead And your turn’s next. dare me to choose which one of you to kill No! Truth or dare

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  1. I thought the end was brilliant.
    In the beginning Olivia said she'd rather have her friends die than kill millions.. Cos it's morally correct and she thought she'd act upon morals under any circumstances. When in reality nobody knows how they'd really act when put in situations of injustice and danger, shows how you shouldn't judge anybody unless you're put in their shoes. Fear is powerful.

  2. Well I hope thanos decision was right …hope this people will gone when thanos snap his fingers.

    Love you 3000

  3. Person:Truth or Dare?
    Me:Dare! 😀
    Person:Kill your sister
    Person:Kill or Say Dare
    Person:I dare you to kill your sister
    Me:You can't tell the same dare

    Creator:Where is the logic?

  4. Markie:Touch me again or I will break that hand
    Few Hours Later
    Markie: Break Olivia's hand
    Markie: Can't break Olivia's hand

  5. Seriously, what if this is true and the world has to play. Should I pick truth or dare? This got me nervous. I don't even join when my friends plays it.

  6. MOMO: I will kill you
    Truth or dare: We will kill you
    MOMO: wait no that’s my part
    Truth or dare: well it’s ours now

  7. What I learn.

    Truth = Truth
    Dare = Dare
    Dare = Truth
    so basically if someone want to avoid truth just dare them the truth.

  8. How on earth did this movie make it on the box office, I’m disgusted by the lack of a coherent plot in this insignificant movie

  9. Seen it. I give it an 7.5/10. Fun, thrilling, gruesome deaths, and a decent ending. It had its flaws but definitely not a bad movie. Worth watching…

  10. The movie was good, really intense plot and creative. The only thing that I still don't get though, is when asked "truth or dare" by the demon, why didn't they just ignore it? To my knowledge, none of them died from not answering, it gave them time to answer, like it haunted them until they did. So, why did Lucas answer straight away in the mission? All he had to do was ignore it long enough for the ritual to be done, they all did. The worst it did was burn letters into Lucas' arm lol, surely they could have put up with that for a couple of minutes. Maybe I'm missing something. It was a good film anyway, the ending left an opening for a lot of sequels!

  11. WORST MOVIES 2018
    1. SLENDER MAN: 0/5 DOG$#*T
    2. TRUTH OR DARE: 1/5 DOG$#*T
    4. SKYSCRAPER: 2/5 BAD

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