Hi everyone it’s Reida, welcome back to my channel! so, I’m so tired, but before work I wanted to do the unboxing of the Yoyogi DVD and this is how big the box is so I ordered it from CDJapan it arrived yesterday but I had to go pick it up let’s open it! I’m opening it from the bottom so…. ooooo okay! so here’s the bonus poster that it came with since I ordered it from a certain website during preorders whoops and I haven’t ordered from CDJapan in so long the last thing I got was the Uruha ROCK AND READ(mag) alright… are you guys ready? AAAAhh so nice! CDJapan hasn’t had like, a freebie of a band poster in so long (well, for the GazettE) I mean, they’ll have bonuses (freebies) except they’d be posters of covers of the album and like, it’s been so long since it’s been actual members so the bonuses from CDJapan’s preorder is this poster and then photo cards one of each member which is really good! I’m so glad they went back to doing that because that’s kind of the whole reason I haven’t been buying from them it’s nice having some of these bonuses when i order so recently i’ve been ordering from HMVJapan alright, next item! oh my god it’s so…. it’s huge! and like everyone said it’s basically the size of like, a vinyl a record.. and I expected it to be a lot heavier. it’s not as heavy as I expected and there’s the extra bonuses in the back with the photocards yeah that’s it, so.. let’s open this up! so again, the bonus here’s the photocards, of course Ruki is on the front let’s open it up nice and glossy! so there’s Kai Reita Aoi Uruha and then Ruki now the DVD Yay! oh my god here we go I can see my reflection on this so perfectly wow I’m so scared I’m gonna break this, like, it’s not super thin but it’s pretty thin considering all this is supposed to be a DVD and a pamphlet it’s just really not what I expected there’s the front there’s the back and the back has this sticker with all the information on the disc like the setlist now let’s open up the actual thing oh my gosh it even has a plastic cover and it slips out like that but let’s see if I can keep that on… maybe not…oh oh okay so the plastic helps hold the booklet and the actual DVDs whoaa oh my goodness here’s the inside, can you guys see that? there’s like, some monster here with tentacles and then….but where’s the actual DVDs? and stuff oh…okay I’m like, this thing is so thin it’s scaring me I’m like, “where’s the stuff that I bought?!” it’s $100… alright, so, here’s like, a slot and when you pull it out there’s the DVDs! this is so risky oh my god like, I love it it’s so well put together but at the same time it’s so thin…it’s so like you have to be really careful with it otherwise it can easily break but the cover is actually pretty cool and then there’s the disc…so yeah just two discs and it just…comes out like that oh my gosh it scares me! not in a creepy way, just in a… I don’t wanna break it way and what is this? oh okay anniversary! i’ll keep that in there slide this back in I know you guys are already seeing pictures but here’s my video as well so that’s the front the back is just black but let’s see… okay oh my haaa good memories so here’s the list of all the dates from UN and DUE from their DOGMATIC Tour oh my gosh he looks so nice here’s Ruki and then Uruha And Aoi is next

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