(Episode 3) Sorry. I had to tell her. It’s okay. I told her how you saved my life. Please have a seat. You haven’t changed. You’ve come a long way. Come and have a seat. Mom, go sit down. Oh my! Are you okay? Are you crazy? Oh my! Ma’am, please wake up. How dare she? What did you do that for? Is this why you came here? What’s going on? Can you call an ambulance? Quickly! Okay. Where’s my phone? You’re going to get arrested! You assaulted her. Pour some cold water on her. Ma’am! Ma’am! Mom, come here and massage her legs. Are you okay? You don’t have to go to the hospital? You don’t need to call the hospital. What just happened? You’re dying? You can’t just die like this. You don’t deserve to die. Mom, let’s go. Jang Moran! You can’t die just yet. You need to know what I’ve been through. Right. If you have something to say to me, say it. You can’t impress me with money. I gave it to your daughter. Why the heck did you give money to my daughter? She said she didn’t want your money. When did I say that? I have daughters and a granddaughter and they’re more important than money. How dare you try to lure her with money? Use this money for your travel expense. Buy the most expensive coffin you can find. Mom! I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking. Why did you go to my husband’s tomb? He’s my husband, not yours. The spring sun was so nice. You go there when the sun is nice, it’s raining, it was windy and it was snowy. Mom, stop! You’re being silly. I’m glad you came. I wanted to see you before I go. Why? Hyeonsuk, can you excuse us? I need to talk to your mother. Sir. Can I borrow your phone? I don’t have a cell phone. Where are you? You left home early in the morning. I’m in Gangneung. I came to Ms. Jang Moran’s with mom. Really? Things are getting out of control. Did your mother go there because her ego was hurt? That’s exactly it. It’s disastrous. Pull yourself together. You need to protect that money. Mom already gave it back to her. No way! If you divorce your husband, and your mother sells her house, are you going to be homeless? I don’t know. Bye. What are you doing? You said you wanted to talk. Someone jumped off the train. What? Someone jumped off? Someone jumped off. I wanted to apologize. For what? I couldn’t push your husband away. Is that it? You’re funny. Your life wasn’t easy because your mom was a mistress. You shouldn’t have done that. Why did you fall for a married man? Mom, she only loved one man in her life. Her fiance. Father had a crush on her. Now you’re her best friend? Wait outside. I’m just saying. Are you okay? You don’t look well. I’m okay. I want my husband’s belongings back. Pictures, clothes, whatever there is. I don’t have anything. You can go through my stuff. You wench! He abandoned us to be with you, and you don’t even have anything of his? It was father’s one-sided love. If you hadn’t put wrong ideas into his head, he would’ve given up. I’m sorry. I’m responsible for everything. Mom, let’s go. This isn’t going to work. Let’s go. Come on. Unbelievable! Ma’am! I’m trying to change the interior. Excuse me. Hello. Welcome. You sent a bouquet to Seoul Hotel a few days ago. Under the name, Han Chung-gil. Can I have the sender’s contact info? I don’t remember. He or she must’ve wired the money. How can you not remember? It was only a few days ago. We sell dozens of bouquets every day. How can we remember them all? You sell dozens of bouquets in a tiny flower shop in this neighborhood? We’re quite famous and many people order from outside of Seoul. That’s odd. Okay. Wow! This is crazy! Who was she? She’s my friend’s archenemy. She was my friend’s teacher back in high school. She framed my friend as a thief and got her expelled from school. Can you please come and see her? She’s been sleeping for too long. The doctor will be there soon. She looks like a decent person. Why did she have to make my life miserable? The doctor will be here soon. Let’s go. Let’s wait until she wakes up. If she doesn’t wake up, will you hold her funeral? I feel sympathy for her. I’ll die alone, just like her. You have Mari. I don’t want to burden her. Our generation doesn’t expect anything from our children. I don’t think I can do much for you, either. Are you her sister from Seoul? She has no desire to keep on living. Her surgery was successful, but she doesn’t have any desire to live. She won’t eat, either. She sometimes said she missed the dishes that her sister in Seoul cooked. Unbelievable! Are you okay? I’m sorry to have troubled you. Get up. Let’s go. Okay. Let’s go to my place. Come get the stuff that my husband kept for you. Put them in your coffin. Mom. You need to see how I’ve lived. I think she wants to serve you a nice meal. Instead of dying alone in an empty house, won’t it be better to be tortured by me for the next 10 days? Come with me. If you insist, I’ll come with you. But… But what? Your daughter has to take my money. You’re unbelievable! Let’s go. Why don’t we have some noodles on the way? I know a place serves yummy sweet radish. I guess no one cares about sweet radish. Wow! You’re really strong. I can see your muscles. Stop talking nonsense. What do you need? The director wants to include her in a project that the TF Team is working on. Who? Ms. Jeong Mari. Who? That lady who lost her job because of you. In the letter she sent to the executives, she said she majored in modern literature. She’s perfect for this job. Oh my! What? Give her a call. (Bastard) What? She’s not answering? She rejected my call. I think she knows it’s me. I think she likes you. Go on! Beat it! Darn it! (Traveling scholar) Wench… she used too much Photoshop. I guess you’re better off than me. You were unhappy with your psycho advisor. You’re doing well now. Traveling scholar. It’s a niche market. Is it time to go to work? To the female members. The women’s shower is one floor above the dojo. After the remodeling, the location has changed. Please don’t be confused. We’ve opened up Saturday afternoon classes and weekday afternoon classes. We welcome everyone, from beginners to members with Rank 4 and higher. A female member came into the men’s shower a few days ago by mistake. I don’t know who you are. Don’t worry and just come back to the dojo. If you don’t show up, then I’ll know it’s you. Come to the dojo and practice with us. This way. When things aren’t going well, exercise can help boost your spirit. I’ll see you at the dojo. Lee Ruo. They said they’d only hire 3 out of 5 interns. We all worked hard for 6 months while being underpaid and hating each other, but 4 of us were eventually fired. They didn’t hire me because I was too fat. What about you? I was too busy studying and didn’t learn how to survive in society. You need to know the politics of the field. Sorry? Let’s get back to work. Enjoy. – Shall we sit here? / – Okay. They have good coffee here. I enjoy coming here for coffee. The new members are learning really quickly. I’m kind of nervous. Young people pick up skills easily. Hello. This is the menu. Are you a guy? Thank you. Take your time. I won’t let it slide. You stay right there. I’ll come and destroy you. Students will show up. I’m a popular lecturer. They’ll show up. I’ll order for you. Okay. Two Kenya AA’s. Enjoy. What’s wrong? Too bitter. You’re embarrassing me. Should I get you another one? Thank you. That’s better. I’ll buy you some chocolate milk next time. Are you okay? Yes. Would you like to order? Excuse me, but are you Jeong Mari? I came here to talk to you. Who are you? Really? You saw my mom on that night? Yes. She helped me on that night. Did you talk to your parents about it? I live with my grandmother. If you need anything, go find Jeong Mari. She’ll help you. Buy yourself some snacks. It’s okay. Just take it. You need to be strong. Don’t give up, no matter what. Don’t end up like me. You gave my mom your grandmother’s shoes? I bought a new pair with the money that your mother gave me. By the way, why did you come to see me? I want to die. I can’t leave my grandma behind. That’s why I’m still alive. What’s your name again? Yeongsu. Guk Yeongsu. By the way, you’re a very important person and you deserve to live. I guess I can meet you once in a while. Let me see. I’ll see you at 3 p.m. on Saturday. What if I want to die before Saturday? 3 p.m. on Friday, okay? Okay. This place hasn’t changed. I’ve never left this place. My husband was so happy when we bought this house. Mom. – You’re home early. / – Yes. This is Ms. Jang Moran. This is my daughter, a college professor. She’s pretty, just like her mother. It’s too cold. Let’s go inside. I don’t want you to pass out here. Go ahead. Is she grandpa’s lover? How was your class? Huh? I didn’t have any classes today. – No? / – No. Why don’t you come back in the evening? Why? Things are pretty awkward at the moment. Besides, I want you to look busy. – Come home in the evening. / – Okay. Have some citron tea. Ms. Kang made it herself. Thank you. I’m Park Eunsil, Ms. Kang’s pupil. You can call me Ms. Park. Ms. Kang is a well-known chef and her nickname is Angukdong Chef Kang. Why don’t you use that room? I cleaned it up. I can sleep on the couch for one night. I’m not sending you home tomorrow. Tell your secretary to send your stuff here. The day after tomorrow is the anniversary of my husband’s death. Why don’t you stay until then? I’ll cook dinner for you. Are the vegetables fresh? Sure. We have fresh oysters from Tongyeong as well. I’ve already prepared them. The oysters are so fresh. The abalone is good as well. Should we cook seaweed soup? Roast some fish and make some vegetable dishes. – Okay. / – Good. Hyeonsuk. Stop! We keep books and blankets in this room, so it’s not that messy. Hyeonsuk, don’t worry about the money. Well… I’ll give you back the money. I hate myself for not being able to say ‘it’s okay.’ Don’t worry. I’ll pay you back, no matter what. I want you to get better and collect the money. I wish Mari were here for dinner. She has a seminar. She’s really busy. How old were you when you gave birth to her? Nineteen. I couldn’t go to college. So what? I’ll find something for you to wear when you go to sleep. Get some rest. Hyeonjeong lives in a studio across the street. She comes here all the time. Have you seen her on TV? She’s an anchor. That’s her eldest daughter. Right. Did my husband bring you the dishes I cooked? He said he’d share them with his coworkers working the night shift. Mom, you’re being mean. Do you have to say that to her now? Enjoy. It’ll bring back some memories. By the way, Mr. Jeong Gumin called, and said he’s arriving tomorrow. He said he’d come by so I’ll make some kimchi jjigae. He’s getting married. No way! Who’s he going to marry? There’s this lady, who has a crush on him in his office. She’s the one who proposed to him. Crazy wench! How could a girl propose to a guy? Have you spoken to him? You two haven’t even divorced, yet. I’ll divorce him. We’ve been separated for so long. You can’t divorce him. Don’t let him go. I want him to be happy with someone who’s a good match for him. Your life is already bad enough and you want to add a divorce to it now? What’s wrong with my life? My daughter’s a professor. It’s all my fault. You never saw me and your father happy together. Go ahead and eat. Mari, your father’s getting married. I don’t care. I feel bad for mom though. You idiot! I told you to take off the helmet. Hey! Kim Juntae! You stubborn idiot! I told you not to hit it as if you were playing ‘whack a mole.’ Who are you? Who the heck are you? Who are you? Are you a new member? No. I haven’t been in for a long time. Sorry. I thought you were a high school kid I teach. I guess your face has swollen. Wait. I don’t think I can go to the class today. We’re having some chicken and beer. Join us. No, I’m good. Join us, Professor. It’s just across the street. Cheers! Ever since you came, we’re getting more members. Things are going really well. By the way, who was that girl who came into the men’s shower? I think she stopped coming. She’s a university student. I don’t understand why a catch like you ended up in a small dojo like this. I was a troublemaker. I always got into fights at school and teachers didn’t want to deal with me. However, a teacher reached out to me. I owe him a great deal. Is he by any chance… Mr. Oh Seogyeong, who started this dojo. He was my high school teacher and became a kendo master later on. That’s why I like teachers in all fields. If it weren’t for him, I’d be working in the underworld now. That suits you better. Let’s have a toast. – Cheers! / – Cheers! Are you leaving? Did we meet at my university? I saw you while I was napping in the classroom. I’m in charge of the kendo club at school. Right. I also signed the petition for you. It was meaningless. Cheer up, Professor. Don’t call me that. Okay, Mari. I’m the master. I should know the members’ names. Right. Take care. I’ll see you later. Come and visit the day after tomorrow. Your lover is here. Are you happy? I’m sorry, Cheolhui. I’ll tell them before I die. About what really happened that night. (Subpoena) Mom. What about dinner? I had dinner. Are you sick? I’m so tense with all the driving today. I’ll do it. I was worried that it’d be awkward during dinner. But nothing happened. Is she spending the night? She’s staying for a few days. That’s cold. I heard you saved a high school boy. Did you meet Guk Yeongsu? I did. You’re unbelievable. Help him. He seemed like a nice kid. Is dad getting married? How do you know? Ms. Park texted me earlier. I guess so. To a smart girl in his office. Are you okay? Why wouldn’t I be? Living apart like this and being someone else’s husband are two completely different things. I’m fine as long as you’re with me. I’ll change, and I won’t get into trouble. I don’t believe you. Hi. Hello. Actually, I’ve just finished reading your novel for the 2nd time. I’m still making corrections. By the way, I can’t think of a title. I heard that the publishing company would find a good title for my book. I’m open to suggestions. It won’t be necessary. Pardon? I’m not going to publish your book. Can I ask you why not? Because it’s garbage. What did you just say? I said your book was garbage. It’s so bad that it should be destroyed. Why? It’s not clear if it’s a novel or an essay. The content is so evil. A teacher who’s strict and stubborn sent many students to prestigious schools while sacrificing mediocre students. Your education philosophy is evil and anachronistic. Don’t bother taking to any other publishing companies. You’re a big name in the publishing field. I guess you can stop me from publishing my book. You’re being paranoid. You’ve hated me ever since we first met. I have? You thought that I married my husband because his parents were rich. I don’t care why you married him. As long as you two are happy. I married him because I loved him. I married him even though he had a son because I loved him. I’m happy for you. Let’s keep work and private matters separate. We were talking about your book here. Yes. This is the list that you asked for. Thank you. I’ll take out this garbage. Take care. (Kim Hyeonjeong, Anchor) Cancelling my show? This will be the last episode? I don’t get it. I’m sorry but I had no choice. I know you talk about ratings, but the viewer ratings aren’t even accurate. We don’t have enough commercials to cover the production costs. Thank you, sir. I won’t disappoint you. I’m counting on you. Okay. Hello, Hyeonjeong. Is she hosting the new show? Excuse me. Get Sangyun ready for his perm. Jennifer, Sangyun has arrived. Do you need anything? Coffee and a magazine. Coming up. Your outfit. Are those for people to wear? I couldn’t get anything else. Since you’ve been fired… Everyone knows that you’re quitting. – Hair treatment and coloring, right? / – Yes. That’ll be $300. I think you’ve made a mistake. I usually get 50% off. Now, you get only 10% off. Hello? Are you Ms. Jeong Mari? Who’s asking? I’m Park Daemyeong from Documentary Unit. Can we meet? I read your letter. I apologize and Mr. Lee Dujin got a warning and was removed from his position on Current Affairs. Removed from his position? He was an announcer but passed the test to become a producer, but we didn’t appoint him. Do you feel better now? Are you asking me to forgive him? That’s not what I called you. I was hoping that you could help us with a project. It’s called ‘Heritage for the Future.’ We’re going to find old buildings in Seoul, which have unique stories or traditions, and try to protect them. Have you gone through them? It definitely looks interesting. If you can help us, we’ll have great archives. I don’t mind working 3 days a week. I’ll think about it. Good. I’ll show you around. Two things are very important when taking the test to become an announcer. Enunciation and vocalization. I think you have a good voice. Prof. Jeong, I have good news. We signed a petition to reopen your course, took it to the general education dept. and they said they’d look into it. What else would they say? A fair number of students signed it, so they can’t just ignore it. Why all of a sudden? I worked hard to persuade them. It’s affecting my future career. What are you talking about? He said he’d help me with my test if I did it. I guess he felt guilty. Hello, Professor. Did you make a deal with her? Yes, I did. Why? I wanted to help you. I’ve got to get going. Thanks for today. By the way, what are you doing here? That’s none of your business. You would’ve done the same if you were me. I saw something interesting, and I thought it’d be good news material. I’m sorry that it was cut short due to breaking news. If I’d finished the whole story, you would’ve become a huge star. You’re hurting me. Sorry. I heard you were fired because of my letters. If that makes you feel better, I’m glad. Now we’re even. Let’s stay out of each other’s lives. We’re done here. Can we go now? I don’t have to come back here, right? Have you talked to those high school boys? They haven’t contacted me. Besides, they’re evil bastards. We’ll take care of the matter. We’re done here. You have to talk to a prosecutor now. A prosecutor? She went to a gambling den just for fun. Why does she need to see a prosecutor? Please give her a break. The case was officially received, so we have to send you to the prosecutor’s office. Well… Why did you drop your cell phone and purse when you left the place, you idiot? Eat. This tofu tastes good. Who makes it? Na Malnyeon is something. She came to the flower shop herself. Really? She looked just like the one in your picture. No. She looked a little more elegant and sophisticated. She’s no joke. There must be a reason she’s chasing him. Do you think she’s still in love with that phys ed teacher? Or she feels guilty. About what? I don’t know. Are you going to meet her? Yes, I am. I’ll tell her that she was the devil. Do you know her phone number? I called the newspaper company. I’m Ms. Na Malnyeon… no, Ms. Na Hyeonae’s student from the past. I want to congratulate her. Can I have her contact info? Are you going to use my phone? She’ll know my number. Use a pay phone. I’m not a coward. Then use your own phone. Mine isn’t charged, yet. Then wait until it’s charged. I can’t wait. I’m going to give her a piece of my mind. Hello? Hello? He… hello? Who’s this? Hello? What the heck was that? I’m still not ready. She still has that devilish voice. Look! I knew it! You take care of it. Why me? Tell her that you dialed the wrong number. You cunning wench who deserves to go to hell! How could you do this to me? You’re a piece of garbage. You know that? Who’s this? Aren’t you Jeongsik’s mom? You took my money and ran. I did well, didn’t I? Thank you. If I need anything else, I’ll call you. Yes, ma’am. You’ve got a lot of stuff. I get cold easily. What are you boiling? I think she’s decocting some herbs for you. I washed them with mineral water. Okay. Mother. Oh my! Mother, I’m back. Your face is really tanned. It was even darker. Say hi to her. She’s Jang Moran, your father-in-law’s mistress. Hello, I’m Jeong Gumin. Have you had lunch, yet? I had lunch at the airport. Tomorrow is father’s memorial service day, right? I’ll come back tomorrow. I just came to say ‘hi’ today. Are you leaving? Are you really leaving Hyeonsuk? Don’t leave her. Mom! Congratulations on your wedding. I’m not joking. I’m serious. I haven’t decided anything, yet. Marry her. You’ve been unhappy for so long because of the mistake you made a long time ago. I haven’t been unhappy. That’s your opinion. You’ve been nice to me all these years. I want you to find someone at your level. Who’s at my level? That girl from your work and from your school. She studied abroad, just like you did. How do you know so much about her? You’re still in love with me, right? I didn’t ask, but Jongmi told me everything. You’re coming tomorrow? I’ll get the paperwork ready. Is that what you really want? Yes. We’re as good as divorced. Mari. Please stop. You became a doctor so that you could serve coffee? Why are you doing this to me? You’re a professor. Please stop saying ‘doctor,’ and ‘professor.’ It suffocates me. You can’t do this to me. I’ve done everything for you. You’re the reason why I live. I’ve done everything you asked me to do. I was the top student, went to a foreign high school, and a good university. Can you please let me take a break? You can’t. You have thousands of rivals. It’s hard to become a professor. Stop. Mari, why don’t you get out of here? Let’s go to school now. Let’s beg them together. Mom, I’ve done everything I could. Please don’t do this to me. Jeong Mari! You can go too. I don’t need anyone. You have no criminal record. Just write a letter of apology. Letter of apology I sincerely regret my wrongdoings. This isn’t going to cut it. You didn’t put your heart into it. Write it again. Are you guys enjoying your lunch? Um Inja, an 11th grader, requested a song to celebrate Mr. Jo Munho, her math teacher’s birthday. ‘Come and See Me,’ by Bangmi. Hyeonsuk, what are you doing here? You haven’t done anything wrong. You were born in the wrong era. Don’t be too discouraged. Let’s go. Write down what you’ve done wrong. ( Letter of Apology, I sincerely regret my wrongdoings) I’m done. Write it again. You need to fill at least one page. Again. Write it again. Are you joking? Write it again. Do you think this is a joke? You’re going to have to write it again. Why are you looking at me like that? What did I do that was so wrong? What did I do? What did I do that was so wrong? Do you think I’m a joke? Get me the Chief Prosecutor. I invited her to your father’s memorial service. What are you doing here? Hyeonjeong, you should go home. Can you protect me? If you don’t come, I’ll spread rumors. Don’t lose heart. You look fabulous today. You’re good at something. Kneel in front of me. Kneel.

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