The world is watching
and the world is in shock. Today I rise in support
of this resolution condemning the hateful
rhetoric of Donald Trump. His comments were beneath
the dignity of the office of the president of
the United States and they have no place
in our country. My four colleagues he
attacked have every right to be in the United States. They are just as American
as any one of us and it’s shameful that the
leader of our country would seek to disparage
them for political gain. – Are diversity is a strength,
it is not a weakness. We are a nation of immigrants,
some voluntary, others involuntary but as Dr King once observed,
we may have come over on different ships but
we’re all in the same boat now. – Birtherism is racist. Saying a mexican judge cannot
be fair because of his heritage is racist. Saying immigrants from
Mexico are rapists, is racist. Telling four members
of this body to go home because of where you
believe they are from is racist. There is racism coming
out of the White House. I’m an immigrant,
a person of faith, and I served in the
United States military on active duty because
I love America. Yet, throughout my life,
I’ve have people tell me to go back to China
or Japan or North Korea. And like many immigrants,
when I get that ‘go back’ insult, it is hurtful. It makes me feel like I don’t
belong here in this country. And make no mistake,
when people tell me to go back to where
I come from, that is a racist insult
because it’s based on race. If I was white, they would
not tell me to go back to China. I experience that insult
because my race happens to be Asian. But the good news is
that American, at record-high levels,
support immigrants. We are not going anywhere. America is our home and
I will still be standing here long after the occupant
of the White House leaves. – Yes, I am a proud naturalised
citizen, born in India, a proud patriot, a proud person
who belongs in this country and it’s not the first time I’ve
heard ‘go back to your own country’, but it is the first time
I have heard it coming from the White House. Madam Speaker, my
Republican colleagues have been talking about
patriotism, about love of country. One of them said ‘love it
or leave it’, but what is love if not to make what we love
better through our critique, our work and our service. That is what real
Americans do. – I know racism when I see it. In the 50s and during the 60s,
segregationists told us to ‘go back’.
We protested for our rights. They told ministers, priests,
rabbis and nuns to ‘go back’. They told the innocent little
children seeking just an equal education to ‘go back’. As a nation and as people,
we need to go forward and not backward.

100 thoughts on “US house condemns Trump over racist comments”

  1. It's strange how these same people didn't condemn the terrorist attack by antifa in Washington…. Strange indeed

  2. What racist comment burning flags like the left Trump is 100% bang on if your not happy go this chanel needs to be honest

  3. these are all the same people who sat silently during State of Union when Trump announced record low black unemployment Just a fact

  4. The American economy is a complete failure as it can't provide a living wage for around one quarter of its working population.

  5. The Democratic party is the real racist party. Everyone of those hypocrites should be removed from office.

  6. Everybody knows trump is a spychopath, a rapist, a liar, a child abuser and a con.
    To condem Trump is not enough. Take him down. Deeds not words

  7. No promoting flag burning has no place in a country these people a bonkers is this the face of the left give me right anyday

  8. House passes resolution condemning Trump's 'racist tweets' about congresswomen ►

  9. Perhaps the children will discover that CALLING something racist doesn’t make it so.

    In their defense, it HAS worked for quite awhile though…….

  10. It just goes to show how much the US and UK Government are 'OUT OF TOUCH' with Consensus Reality, how could it be any other way living in thier 'Ivory Towers of Gold'. Things have to change, they're behaviours are literally Psychopathic or at the very least Sociopathic. Not much Difference!!

  11. What the right wing wont tell you is the nations where you are more likely to become rich isn't USA isn't UK and the like… but it is those nordic 'socialist' nations where they have not smashed and asset stripped essential services and infrastructure just to throw that money at the rich who then traitorously offshore their social responsibility.
    Why wont the right wing tell you that evidenced truth?
    becuse the right wing thrive on division and discord and disdain.

  12. As calling racism becomes ineffective as the primary argument for the left, they will have to come up with actual ideas. This may save the party.

  13. There no issue with colour for me my issues with the people of the world is religion as religion is man made, its mass hypnosis, and creates more pain and suffering than any other thing on this earth religion is true evil and should not be part of our world , world would survive with out it not with it !!!!!



  16. So they couldn't nail him on Russian or Epstien so let's call him a racist. If you throw enough mud… If you want to beat Trump in 2020, come up with an idea better then he has. What people should be mad at is these people are paid to do a job and all they are doing is attacking Trump.

  17. At least we're standing up! Make no mistake, this is a test of our democracy just as mccarthyism was a test. American values withheld, but it was a long battle.

  18. where are the native american Representatives, Go back home lol! So weak that such words hurt you unreal humans unreal!! the House of Representatives should act this fast when it comes to fixing the USA lol!!!!

  19. The Democrats are the hateful ones. Their hate for our president us so great they will say anything. Stop playing victims. The root is Hillary lost, no more Russian collusion, no more so called scandals to pick apart. The race card is all they've got.

  20. I have a hard time believing that the Irish, Italians and most immigrants believe their ancestors were US citizens before the Africans or Chinese.

  21. If the Left didn't have "racism", they'd have nothing left to sell. Do what Morgan Freeman suggests, stop talking about it.

  22. we despirately need mature adults with integrity in government. we must wonder about all democrates now ? this is embarrassing, these women need to go away and shut their fly holes. the man in a dress from bronks makes me sick."

  23. Slander, plain and simple. Read the tweets carefully. They are not racist. Inappropriate, rude, and unnecessarily provocative? Yes! But not racist.

  24. I’m not American but it dose make me laugh when you have 4 one generation women whose mothers and fathers are from suppressed countries, corrupt, poor and war torn weather that is in extremism or drug gangs, and stand in front of the American people and say this country needs to change, yes like Britain there not perfect but a dam sight much better to live in that where there families are from, I’m definitely not racist but he kind of is right, don’t try and change a country that is doing well, go and try and change the country’s that are not, like where your families are from

  25. I don’t think trump was being racist when he said go back to your own country, I think all he was saying that if you spread socialism or Marxist views go and live in a country like that , but don’t try and change USA


  27. The world is watching and the world is in shock that the chamber is mostly empty. Where the heck is everybody that they don't have to show up for work.

  28. To all the loonies can y'all tell me which race Trump said should leave America? I won't hold my breath 😂

  29. Can we get the names of the 95 people who claim they are Americans but voted against the presidents freedom of speech because they calling the president racist and i say they sound like terrorist anybody who would block the presidents speach.. they don't have the right ideology

  30. I actually thought u need to be born in usa to be an elected rep. This is seriously weird. It looks like a star trek parliament with bozos of all races acting stupid against trumpie

  31. Trump is exercising a great American right. The right to free speech, its catching on, he learnt it from the Democrats.

  32. President Trump never said anything racist all he said was if they don't like it leave now the president has a First Amendment right and the First Amendment does not protect are you cry babies feelings stop crying and get something done why you guys are there

  33. Now watch all the ISLAMAHOLICS come crawling out form their moms basements to comment "see he is a racist!" "Islamaphobe", and they are the same ISLAMAHOLICS that cry "don't label us" "don't stereo type".  Remember this word is "Islamaphobic" is ever thrown at you – They are "Islamaholics", That's Islam-a-Holic   ok.

  34. Trump (to journos): "We have the First Amendment also, we can…. say what we want."
    Journo: "We?!"
    Trump: "I!…. The royal 'we'! The editorial, y'know…."

  35. I guess definitions do not seem to matter anymore. Our language is being changed or redefined by political parties. The same political parties that damaged this country financially and is still damaging this country morally. This was not racist, distasteful, but truth be told, many, many people have said the same thing whether at work, in politics, the grocery store, friends and even family. So by the new definition, everyone that speaks their mind is racist whether or not color nor nations were mentioned. Pathetic little minds.

  36. Lol I just had a now "missing" (deleted) comment reply from an account named :Ravenshireful  claiming that China is in the EU. lmfao!

  37. Trump never said Mexican Immigrants were all rapist and murderers ,, He said many illegal immigrants come in this country are rapist and murderers, Illegal immigrants make up just 3.4 percent of this country and make up over 26 percent of the federal prison population so that is a scary number that needs to be looked into


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