first it’s important to note that this is not a hologram my physics professor in college would be really upset with me if I didn’t point this out this is an illusion it’s a combination of stagecraft and technology and technique to create the illusion that virtual michael jackson is here with us we think the start of this was really the curious case of benjamin button masterfully directed by david fincher who himself was a huge contributor to that character and we carried that experience from Benjamin Button on into Tupac where Tupac was surprisingly one of the least complicated human or human-like characters that we had built a significant difference though you know from Tupac to here we had to take a character who the entire world knew the essence of Michael Jackson everyone has an image of who he was noses performances remembers these performances and put it into a live performance on a 40 foot wide stage with dancers and a little level of interactivity with other characters and a level of realness that had never been accomplished before we build drama with live dancers coming in front of the curtain then the curtain goes up and the next level is the foil where we present the image and in this case it was a tableau of Michael Jackson the King of Pop with his court and then as he comes down and starts dancing with dancers on that foil the set goes away and behind the set were musicians our keyboard player our drummer and so we had three to four stages of depth that allowed it to look like Michaels in a virtual space most challenging part of delivering Tupac or delivering Michael Jackson is the creation of a digital human performer that caused the people closest to Michael to think that they were connecting to Michael and that’s crossing an emotional and spiritual and a technical divide that’s you know very difficult to do the biggest thing to understand is if there’s what you’ve seen what you think you see and what you actually see you’re not just seeing his face in his hair and his clothing you’re seeing sort of you have the neck in driving sort of locals with incredible intensity but you’re seeing everything so even the most unsophisticated viewer is incredibly sophisticated subconsciously there’s a difference between being able to animate all of his muscles and the coordination of all of this activity in the believe of the way and actually making it feel human the demand is coming from consumers from physicians from from industry from industry and of course one of these days people are going to wake up and realize that the value of human animation and synthetic human beings is probably just as a more significant and surgical simulation and telecommunications than it is in entertainment

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