a standoff over humanitarian aid deepens
as Venezuela’s political crisis plays out on the country’s border a convoy
with desperately needed aid remains stuck at the Colombian border city of
kakuta now Venezuela’s government’s led by Nicolas Maduro has ordered the army
not to allow this aid in the aid has been organized by the United States and
Venezuela’s opposition who want to see Maduro removed from power
now Venezuela’s military has to choose whether to obey government orders or let
the aid pass we have this report Venezuelan soldiers keep watch at the
barricades on the 10 Dita’s bridge border crossing president Nicolas Maduro
has called aid supplies offered by the United States a form of foreign
intervention he’s ordered the soldiers to turn the assistance away but the
soldiers have also been given another order by Juan Guido the opposition
leader who last month declared himself that as well as interim president I give
a direct order to the armed forces necessary humanitarian aid to enter to
take care of your family that has put the focus on the military personnel at
the border and their commanders which president will they obey pedestrian
bridges of the border remain open Venezuelans can still cross to buy goods
they can’t get at home but many who have no money to go shopping in neighboring
Colombia don’t understand why the aid shipments are being stopped I am asking
you to please open the border let the food pass if like you say you really love
Venezuela if you really feel something inside of you
if you love your family your children and you sure do love them then you need
to love us Venezuelans as well I’m asking you please open the border mr.
Maduro Maduro has dismissed the US aid offer as a political show in the capital
Caracas supporters signed a petition that’s to be sent to Washington telling
Donald Trump to keep his hands off of Venezuela we want to safeguard our
rights and interests because external forces are attempting to seize our
national wealth at a military rally on Wednesday Maduro called on troops to
show patriotism and unite against the US by the US Empire by the President of the
United States of America mr. Donald Trump there is a fear this aid standoff
could escalate but for now along the border the troops still appear to be
following the orders of Nicolas Maduro let’s cross over to the Venezuelan
capital Caracas from where dwu correspondent Oscar Schlenker joins us
on the line so Oscar what is the situation on the bridge right now well
the situation at the border bridge remains blocked from the Venezuelan side
this is a bridge that was just constructed at the border in an area
that has not much transit so it came into focus when most of the humanitarian
aid went to Colombia was being gathered near this passing however rushed blocked
this bridge and prevent the aid from entering Venezuela Puerto Rico’s
Secretary of State Primera marine announced the shipment arrived evening a
passenger plane on what he said was the secret flight so while all the attention
of the venez one public and the media was focused on the Colombian border what
the Ricoh has he’s going a flying filled with a ton of
humanitarian aid into Venezuela in what the Secretary of State a foot of
reckless calling a secret mission okay so some aid indeed is getting through
but I just want to quickly return to you know the aid that is supposed to arrive
by land because we know that the opposition leader Guido has spoken about
that and I’d like to you to take us through a couple scenarios here I mean
if it does end up getting through over this bridge what happens then and does
grideau have a plan yes has indicated there are between 250 and 300 thousand
people who need urgent medical help and are at risk of dying people who need
medicine and an urgent care she says the first cargo of aid sent to Colombia and
the Caribbean is enough to keep for hospitals running for one month the food
that is being delivered it’s mostly nutritional supplements for children
which has been the most vulnerable to malnutrition and sickness these last few
years I mean difference we land up 12 children
who died in today from a bacterial outbreak in the hospital in Onslow Peggy
for example so this hate is very much needed and could help a lot of people
okay and again confirming that for us that Puerto Rico has been able to get
aid in to the country by air as many were waiting for that shipment by land
which is currently blocked Oscar Schlenker with the very latest on the
situation from Caracas the Venezuelan capital thank you you

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  1. Cuando los justos dominan, el pueblo se alegra: Mas cuando domina el impío, el pueblo gime… (maduro es un impio inicuo….)

  2. Das Bild ist nicht der Beweis fuer die Story. Diese grenzuebergangsbruecke ist seit fertigstellung in 2016 geschlossen, also bisher u genutzt. Reine Stummngsmache .

  3. All these comments are from liberals?.

    God people, when will you learn. No matter what happens. This country is gonna go to war. If it does, the US is going to intervene. Yeah they’ll send troops. But knowing how trump is. He is gonna want to go to war to stay in power. So really there’s no choice but to let the aid go through and overthrow the dictatorship.

  4. Isn't it US imposes economics sanctions on Venezuela and tells anyone elses not to trade with them? Yet US is telling the world, "we're helping Venezuela with aids". Leave them alone. Let them trade with whoever they want. US has done enough damage to many countries already. Enough is enough!

  5. just ignore the fact that the bridge in question has not been operational long before the so called aid tried coming through.

  6. UN organization, American, Columbian and Brazilian Air Force must provide air bridge for humanitarian assistance delivery. But criminal regimes – Maduro and Putin will try to stop this operation. Venezuela's border must be blocked for Russian planes and ships, because they are delivering troops, weapons and money (stolen from Russian people) for regime assistance.

  7. Lmao what happened to listening to your people? Their starving and yet you guys turn a blind eye on that. Socialism doesn't work haha

  8. Ok , so im not for dictators or anything like that, but everyone who thinks that america is actually trying to help anyone anywhere is just stupid. What they are trying to do with Venezuela right now , they already did wth middle east and are doing the similar situation by supporting the independent of Kosovo by giving them selfs the ‘peacekeepers of the world’ title. The most disappointing thing of all is that american ppl are not even conscious about what their country is doing to other countries. Dont hate americans but honestly world would be much nicer place if the america as an war-institution country wouldn’t exist. All the worlds leading countries are going for their interests ofc but usa is just going to crash the basic core of human being to get what it wants.

  9. 0:10 And the neighboring bridges are still letting true 10 trucks at a time with food bought by the Venezuelan government for the poor. What a crisis, it's almost like someone wants to make a mockery out of the Venezuelan political system by say I dont know setting up web sights witch buy up the local bolivar for dollars, cut essential services like medicine, buy up the media while proclaiming that the media is being censored, OPENLY CALLING for president Trump to take over the country.

  10. i see all these people saying the U.S. Is in fact trying to force hands, and just take the oil and gold, or supplying rebels with guns, tell me this, would all of you prefer china, the people who had flooded you with debt and taken over your ports, oil rigs and refineries, and CAUSED you to starve, and strife?, or perhaps rely on your leader to save you himself, while he sits in his massive home, eating fine food imported with your little cash, and drinking fine wines, look back upon history to see your country is crashing, and you will all most likely suffer for your idiocy

  11. Why is everyone saying that the USA aid is bombs or weapons? And if they are then why is the USA sending that to Venezuela I don’t understand someone help thanks

  12. I've read that the bridge has been closed for years. On both the Venezulean and Colombian sides.
    This "humanitarian aid" is a provocation, a stunt. Literally a Trojan Horse.

  13. USA has only one interest in Venezuela is to capture and use their natural reserves , that what they did every where , so do not let them in , these american Draculas , who will suck out your blood later as soon as they get into your country.

  14. The Americans and the opposition in Venezuela keep saying the US aid is for humanitarian use but they show no evidence of this. Whats more Donald Trump with one hand threatens invasion and with the other is willing to give humanitarian aid. So which is it Trump War or Aid? Funny how he hasn't done the same with North Korea. Oh yes sorry I forget. Trumps afraid of the nuclear weapons Kim has whereas Venezuela has no nuclear weapons but it does has the worlds largest reserves of Oil! now let's think for a moment why would trump want this oil? Well the simple fact is that if he has access to the reserves then he can start a war with say Iran maybe without having to worry about oil. With Venezuela being so close he can protect those supplies of oil far easier than say those coming from Saudi Arabia by oil tankers.

  15. Venezuela does not need this aid, it needs it's money released from usa, uk and another European bank. That money is enough to sustain it, they don't need no cookies from usa, that's an insult.
    Imagine the bank withholding your money and instead giving you cookies…Venezuela can nuy the.cookies with the money and much more else.
    Usa is pissed off as Venezuela has been buying weapons from Russia and China and not them, they want a puppet who they'll control, let's see how this plays out itself.

  16. Stop sancion so Venezuela could flourish.If they don't want aid then send it to worst countries.Other countries will send aid legally like Russia or Cuba.Countries that are not causing chaos there.

  17. Es bonito dar ayuda humanitaria a un pais despues de haberle dado un bloqueo comercial, sanciones economicas a los empresarios venezolanos y a los privados extranjeros que intentaron entablar relaciones comerciales con venezuela, es como dar una limosna a una persona a la que le arrebataste todo.

  18. It is was so simple if everyone thinks that it's guns and bombs then the Venezuela military can't just go through the aid to make sure it's not before it gets to the people

  19. Soldiers obey your first orders for if you do not that traitor is trying to fool all of you it's weapons in that shipment try this so called puppet of trump ask him to all you to opening those containers before crossing the border and watch his reaction if he don't allow it he's taking orders from Washington and he also know there is much more in them than medical supplies, food supplies it's weapons in them don't ever trust this white man and if you go against your state leader and let it in without inspection then you will be part of the cause of the civil war that will be coming your president has been well informed of this government listen to him I garuanteed those containers has weapons in them oh yes they have food in n view but underneath it's something else

  20. Did I get this right, while USA is building its border walls, Venezuela does not have rights to stop forgien covery to into its borders.

  21. Remove US sanctions, then send some real aid. What is there now will only feed a few thousand people. Once that is taken to be sold on the Black Market it will be a false flag to invade.

    Don't we have parachutes for a food drop. It was done in Berlin. Come on people no more wars.

  22. How presenter at beginning put such emphasis on 'desperate aid' haha. What utter rubbish.
    Dont need anything off America. Especially their weapons etc.
    As fot their fake president america trying to put in. No one will listen to you!

  23. Well if they say Venezuela hv land to plant so why Venezuela can plant up the land to feed its people do why dey hungry I can't understand this.

  24. Just because your oil they will send snipers to shoot you in the head like they are doing to the haitian in Haiti last week they arrested 7 us assassin's in Haiti they were shooting the Haitians in the head while they were protesting asking to resign.

  25. Watch yourself idom no so called super power last forever, don't forget you owed Jacob's children a whole lot and we haven't forgotten.

  26. On the contrary no mercy Haiti a lot of oil even more so than Venezuela the Haitians doesn't have the technology time drill them. You see Haiti gold, diamond, minerals and beyond they the colonial thieves stamped a poverty label on us to keep us from kicking them out when they try to steal our resources what do you think Clinton,his wife and brother- Law Ard doing in haiti as we speak international thieves invade Haiti, US, Canada, and France.

  27. The Cuban people was doing better during the Obama administration when they ease sanction!!! Do the same for Venezuela please Venezuela have a lot of friendly neighbors in the Caribbean we are ready to help minus SANCTIONS!!!!!! Signed with true love from the Caribbean!.

  28. All America needs to do set up oil Wells an the Colombian side of the border, and leave Venezuela alone!!. No one in Venezuela is hungry!! They have more green bananas, and plantains with the rest of South/central America put together!! Plenty fresh water fish plenty different types of Yams grown wild all over the country!! Just greedy. Why would any intelligent people thinks that a rich country like Libya, Iraq, Venezuela with so much wealth hungry???

  29. Why is it when we invade someone every foreigners cries out but when we try to help every foreigner still cries out. Do it yourself if you truly care.

  30. Leave the Venezuelan nation alone Trumpet your not interested in the well being of the Venezuelans people, you are only interested in their oilfields, and that they have joined Brazil, China, Russia and other countries to form their own oil conglomerate. Where they can sell to anyone who wants to buy at the prices they set in place. That's the reason why you sent those supplies. You support the opposition leader because he is one of your puppets. This is my own opinion, you can agree or disagree

  31. Anyone knows why GOD has blessed USA and doesn’t bless comunists atheist countries. USA is the richest and most powerful country of the world. GOD bless USA and ISRAEL!

  32. How this peice of trash live with himself knowing Venezuela people are in need of meds and food and yet he's being a dog not to let in the shipment to help his people … What an evil beast …… They need to inforce him out of office ……

  33. America please help your own veterans ex army's… who are on the streets homeless and hungry…help American poor vulnerable citizens first ..thank you Mr president Donald trump..

  34. I heard or should I say haven seen videos and pictures showing markets full of food. It's just those poor people who live off the government. So one sided story. Truth. America is trying to send military support. I. E. Weapons to overturn mudiro. Side side. It's weapons in those so called aid shipments. Give it to the Red Cross or u. N. Hello.

  35. What if instead of trucks they do an airlift the only way to stop a plane is to shoot it down.shooting the plane down could start a battle battle starting a war.the last thing venezuela needs is war.the venezuelan gov. cant even feed its people how is it going to fight a prolonged war with the u.s.

  36. The people in veaacawela will get cheap food. And rent and. Live stock s and wat that bead or you big shouts will git a blast from the higher thin NAZA. I GO UP HIGHER. AND FIND SOMETHING ON THE BACK SIDE OF THE GALEXEY

  37. You cannot call a country with the world's biggest oil reserves as ''rag''
    Venezuela has only to get China and Russia to help them manage the country – economy and militarily, and with 10 years they'll one of the richest countries in the Latin Americas

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