Youtube Presents: Hey, Vsauce! Michael here. Your College professor who’s videos are more interesting than any of your lectures in high
school. Where are your fingers? A channel, which brings up burning current
event issues like: Why do we kiss? Watch 3-4 videos, and you’ll feel like you
won’t even have to study for your next exam. But watch what happens next! Here is something else that is weird: The digits in the speed of light are exactly the same as the latitude of the great pyramid of Giza. Find the answers to questions you never even wanted to ask:What if every single person on Earth… jumped at the exact same time. You can find answers for actual real problems
too, like: The science of the Friendzone. and the safest time-period to pick up your
food from the floor, if you still want to eat it. Some people call it the 5 second rule. We have the mysteries of the Universe. We will never be able to understand all of them. We won’t be able to ever answer every single question. But walking around in those questions, exploring them… is fun. Warning! These videos may cause increasing
brain activity which can lead to thinking, questioning, and speculating.
Vsause One

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