– Gotta love an early spring. – Are you serious, dude? I mean, I guess it’s cool to
love a 74 degree day in April if you hate the polar ice caps. (stammers) – Small talk is in danger. – 74 degrees in April,
can you believe this? – Oh, get off your high horse, Greg. The weather changes. Some days, it’s hot. Some days, it’s cold. There’s a problem here? Why is everything a
problem with you, Greg? – Talking about the weather used to be the best way to break the ice. – I love a sunny day. – I love you. – But today, confusion
about changing climate has made weather too hot to talk about. – Dude, it’s cold. – That’s what we get for
melting all the glaciers. – What’d you say?
– What’d you say? – What did you say?
– What’d you say? – This weather has been nuts, huh? (audience booing)
– You suck! – [Man] Go back to California, hippie! – Why don’t we just hop off
our mini tramps and start fracking for oil right here? – If the toxic climate
around chit-chat continues, the forecast is simple, cloudy, with a chance of conflict. – You a little too hot? Maybe you oughta cool down. (laughs) That’s water. – [Woman] You’re not a meteorologist! (booing)
– Please stop. – I’d like to see your science! – What’d you say?
– What’d you say? – What’d you say?
– What did you say? – What’d you say? – Talking about the weather
doesn’t have to be stressful. Watch The Weather Channel
now to better understand how climate affects your day-to-day life, and help save small talk. – Nice day, right? – It is. It’s a great day. (triumphant music) – How ’bout that election? (record scratching) – If you know someone raining
on small talk’s parade, share this video with them, and help clear the air for comfortable conversations. If you noticed a bit of
a heat wave in your area, don’t check your thermostat,
check your friends. (guitar strumming)

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  1. clever play on concepts. Appreciate the way we can laugh at ourselves despite our differences. Small talk isn't dead!!!

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