Hey guys today I’m going to show you how you
can access a secondary Roku from your IPhone or IPad and tell you why I prefer it versus
traveling with a portable Roku. If you find this video helpful please give
it a thumbs up. All the items I mention here I will have links
in the description box. Now if you have a Cable TV App you know you
cannot watch your primary channels if you’re not connected your home Wi-Fi. So if you’re working, commuting home or vacationing
and there’s a football game or TV show on your local cable network you know you will
not be able to watch it. Let me go ahead and open the Spectrum App
from an Outside Wi-Fi. Now as you can see that the channels have
access to are the 24 hour news channels, Public Access Television and the Home Shopping Network. As you can see the main channels such as CBS,
NBC and FOX are grayed out. So let me now connect to my Roku via the Slingplayer
and navigate to the Spectrum App. As you can see I have full access to all my
local content which accessible from any Internet connection. This setup bypasses any geo-blocking on apps
like Netflix and Hulu while you are traveling as well go to the local media player now let
me go to the Roku media player With this setup I have access to all the DLNA
devices on my network and I can also casting the screen to a Chromecast. For my
Slingbox setup I’m using both input sources the
composite-in is connected to my Roku and the component-in is connected to a PC with Kodi
installed. I’m using an audio splitter to retrieve sound from both sources
with the set up I basically have my TV on the go and
this dedicated streaming setup could also be
configured for child in college who is a fan of the local sporting team or
a family member overseas who is say in the military
the three main advantages to me of this setup versus a portable Roku
stick is being able to access local content from
anywhere, DLNA connectivity to local devices on my home Wi-Fi and not requiring an HDMI
TV or monitor to be plugged into
In order to view content. So that’s basically
it if you have any questions or comments please leave them below
and thanks so much for watching.

14 thoughts on “Watch ALL Your Spectrum/Xfinity App Channels On OUTSIDE 📶 Wifi. Stream Your Roku Apps To Your IPhone”

  1. Hey Guys, If you configure a Composite Roku for this setup I recommend you initially do your setup via the hdmi-out on the Roku and set Display type to 720p vs. 4:3 then connect using the Composite cables for better quality video.

    FYI. Roku's Remote Control is located under VCR. Video [email protected] : 02:11
    Component/HDMI connection is the Best Quality @ 720p vs. Composite. HDMI to Component converter required.

    From ANY wifi this setup would allow you to CAST your Spectrum App on ANY Roku, Apple TV, FireTV & Chromecast and Cast your Amazon Prime on ANY Chromecast, FireTV and Roku. All Your Apps Can Now be Cast onto any Wifi when you travel from your Phone.

  2. I downloaded the apps for Slingplayer and Roku. What items do I need to purchase for just watching my spectrum app on my android. is it the roku xs and sling player? so basically what will happen is the sling box app will open up and then access the spectrum app through there?

  3. What is the quality like once you have access to all your spectrum channels? Also what should be your home internet upload speed in order to have this setup up and running?

  4. if you could help me fix this i will be really cool of you.
    i got the slingbox 500 and a roku stick i got it to give me video and sound but i can’t control it over the slingbox app. if you could please point me the right way. thank you so much

  5. ok that i for all the help i was able to get it working but the only thing that i can’t do is to change channels ones i get in to the app.. how can i go back with out having to reset the roku!!!

  6. have you have any problems since the new app update yesterday my xfinity app only runs for a min or two then it crashes!!! if you have any suggestion please let me know

  7. I wish I understood this! I have been trying to watch my spectrum at my other house which is on satellite and cannot get it to work because they have restrictions! Frustrating to say the least…

  8. Thank You for this, worked great, just wish the SlingPlayer virtual remote for Roku was more like the real remote..

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