– Hey guys, Doctor Mike here. Welcome to my YouTube channel. – This guy! – [News Anchor] He has more
than two million followers. – [News Anchor] He really
is huge on social media. – He’s been named the sexiest
doctor by People Magazine. – [News Anchor] Don’t let his
good looks fool you though, he’s serious. – [Interviewer] You’re
not just a pretty face. – I love what you are doing. – So how do you become
this famous, sexy doctor? – [Interviewer] You’re a
third-year medical resident, Overlook Medical Center
in Summit, New Jersey. – [Interviewer] You also
are making a difference not just here, you have an
initiative over in El Salvador. – [News Anchor] He’s traveled
all the way from New York, he knows his stuff, he’s amazing. – Do you just know Doctor Mike? – Doctor Mike. – Doctor Mike.
– Doctor Mike. – Doctor Mike.
– Doctor Mike. (audience applauds) – [Interviewer] I mean,
so what’s this been like, this insta-fame that you have? – Oh my god, it’s been such a wild ride. I love medicine, I think
it’s a fantastic career with an intrinsic, noble cause. This is something you can go
into and do good for others. – I love that that’s your
approach to medicine. – Medicine doesn’t have to be
sad, we can have a good time. – [Interviewer] If only you
were good-looking enough to be on TV though, god. – I know, and this is my
dream, I’m living out my dream. I started this channel to share my work and fun with you guys. Make sure you subscribe right now. I’ll be posting new videos every week. Ask questions, leave comments,
I wanna hear from you.

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