Funny Dog Bailey vs Newspaper

100 thoughts on “What Does My Golden Retriever Do When I Read a Newspaper”

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  2. Reading the newspaper is very boring! Fight with newspaper and get ready for them very interesting.

  3. 10 years before my mom had a dog named bhujji ,he was so cute like bailey, my mom loved him a lot and bhujji also shared unconditional love for my mom, he don't like my kids he never allowed my sons near to my mom because he was jealous of them, but he's so cute. he don't like to take bath so runs and sit under the cot ,one day I saw tears in his eyes, I asked ''heyy bhujji what? He showed a swell in his leg, he was like a child to everyone, but he is no more ? ,I cried a lot bhujji….,..where are you ?

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  5. Kkkkkkkkkk ninguém consegue ler jornal nessa casa kkkkk com o Bailey não kkkkkkkk

  6. Hallöchen ich schaue mir viele Videos von deinem Hund an der bekommt von dir und deiner Freundin oder Frau so viel Liebe ich beneide dich so ein Hund zu haben ich möchte auch so einen Hund der ist ja so lieb und entzückend man sieht er bekommt von euch sehr sehr viel Liebe

  7. Bailey : "if you'll not give attention to me for that newspaper so no worry I can finish this newspaper now you can read newspaper easily ?
    Dad : ??

  8. Hooman Bailey ,doesn't understand what you are reading so he wanted to have a glimpse of it and try to get your attentiön and tear a part of it , wait for an hour and your Newspaper is a tidbits of papers …

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