Washington, DC, gets blown up all the time — in the movies. But what if it happened for real? Hopefully, we’ll never find out. But federal emergency officials have to prepare for the worst. Emergency responders would have to deal with shattered buildings, rubble-filled streets, downed power lines, fried cell phones, radioactive contamination, and casualties numbering in the hundreds of thousands. It would be a disaster beyond anything ever seen in an American city — certainly beyond anything that emergency managers have ever experienced. So, to help them figure out what to expect in such a catastrophe, researchers from Virginia Tech university have built an entire digital DC inside a computer — and have blown it up over and over and over. In an effort to make their model as accurate as possible, they start with the basic geography of Washington. Then they add in every building … Every road… Every power line… Every hospital… Even every cell tower. Next, the modelers populate their virtual DC with millions of digital people, known as ‘agents’. These agents are like members of the crowd in a computer-generated scene in a movie: They can move around the landscape and react to each other and their surroundings in human-like ways. But unlike CGI crowds, each agent pursues its own goals. they can switch between goals like ‘run’, ‘hide’, ‘help out’, and ‘find loved ones.’ Finally, the modelers simulate the effects of a 10-kiloton nuclear bomb that explodes on a Monday morning in May, just a few blocks north of the White House. They use standard models of blast effects to estimate casualties and damage to buildings. They use weather models to track the spread of fallout. But they allow the agents to react to the disaster as individuals. This gives the agents’ bottom-up behavior the kind of spontaneity that’s so often seen in real life — and that is almost impossible to model in any other way. It also gives emergency managers a much better handle on the surprising and obstinate ways that people often behave in a crisis. For example, if the authorities warn everyone to find shelter and stay there until the fallout dies down, the model shows that many people will ignore them. Instead, they will be out on the roads, desperately trying to pick up their kids from school, or find missing spouses. Many of them may even end up traveling toward ground zero. But the model also shows that the authorities can minimize this chaos if they move quickly to restore cell service: if people can verify that their loved ones are safe, they are more likely to stay where they are. This disaster-response simulation is just one example of what ‘agent-based’ models can do. More and more real-world decision-makers are using these models to plan new highways, improve the flow of crowds in public places, plan how to respond to epidemics — or even minimize the chances of a stock market crash.

100 thoughts on “What if a nuke goes off in D.C.? Simulations of artificial societies help planners”

  1. Что-то очень уж слабые последствия. Ваши ученые точно что-то не договаривают… От города, а также несколько десятков соседних, не останется даже следа…

  2. Ужас, ужас. ДАЙТЕ ЕЩЕ ДЕНЕГ ПЕНТАГОНУ. Ребятам мало. Или они вас и дальше будут пугать.

  3. не удивлюсь если власти США сами по себе ударят ядерным оружием (как снесли башни близнецы) и обвинят в этом Россию, тем самым начнут третью и последнюю войну для человечества!

  4. fckg amerika is die ,я буду молиться чтобы вас уже либо взорвали , либо вас нахуй затопило страна паразитов

  5. The swamplords need new domestic false flag. A big one this time. 9/11 has been milked dry already. Time for the round 2. More wars!

  6. until now, no one but America has used nuclear weapons to kill people. Until now, it is America that is the personification of terror throughout the world. You're all so afraid of the beast that you gave birth to.

  7. America is so corupt that your Deep State will no doubt do this themselfs! They have no intrest in you poor common Americans, history has proved that. They will destroy America themselfs it's so obvious but most of you are blind. You will see terror as your country has poured out terror on other nations. You live in Babalon where Satan has his throne!

  8. Покажите это Трампу. Такое будет если в Сирии по российским базам ударят.

  9. На самом деле это было было логично за всё то зло, которое сделала эта страна на нашей планете.

  10. Вот и подумайте к чему может привести политика Трампа в отношении России и ПРО не поможет.

  11. Надо быть полным идиотом, чтобы верить в то, что действительно есть смысл бомбить белый дом (или любые другие города с обычным населением) ядерными бомбами. А тем кто мечтает о S.T.A.L.K.E.R.е в реальности хочу сказать, что вы сдохните первыми от радиационного облучения.

  12. И зачем это они свой народ пугают? Опять что-то затеяли🤔

  13. Вот это правильно!
    Только взрывать нужно над Йелоустоуном, что бы всю эту ублюдочную страну уничтожило.

  14. Вариант тут спасения один,надевать белые тапочки и самому идти на кладбище.

  15. This is a good reason for new sanctions. Begin, idiots. Everyone understands that here Russia is to blame.

  16. And you can simulate a nuclear explosion in Scottsdale Arizona. I have there lives a classmate with whom I went to school.

  17. Пиздец будет амерам, а его смоделировать невозможно. Пиздец – это русская импровизация! Бойтесь янки! Мы придём и заберем своё!

  18. هذا ما سيحدث قريبا

    فالنصر لاسلام قريبا قريبا
    امريكا ستعود للهنود الحمر

  19. Русские идут. Никакой пропаганды и нагнетания истерии в западных СМИ нету, ага, ага:)

  20. Все кто написал "пиздец вам, так вам и надо" – вы тупые идиоты. Вы действительно думаете, что уничтожение белого дома на что-то повлияет? А обычных американцев, которые сами в ахуе от внешней политики своего государства, вам не жалко? Правильно вас капиталисты ебут, они всегда находят тупых варваров и парят им бусы. Хотите войны – начните с похода в военкомат. Или вы ебланы думаете, что ютубики, твитерки и их завсегдатаи будут живы после ядерной войны?

  21. враньё ! слабое видео . у нас ( Россия ) боеголовки в 15-30 раз мощнее чем показано на видео . останется от Вашингтона округ Колумбия только радиоактивный песок !

    англ перевод Vranje! weak video . we ( Russia ) warheads 15 to 30 times more powerful than shown in the video . only radioactive sand will remain from Washington DC !

  22. Vranje! weak video . we ( Russia ) warheads 15 to 30 times more powerful than shown in the video . only radioactive sand will remain from Washington DC !

    перевод враньё ! слабое видео . у нас ( Россия ) боеголовки в 15-30 раз мощнее чем показано на видео . останется от Вашингтона округ Колумбия только радиоактивный песок !

  23. Haha koje ste vi amerikanci budale. Pa nece Rusi da bace bombu kao sto ste vi na Hirosimu i na Nagasaki. Ove njihove zbrisace pola amerike ako ne i celu.

  24. This is normalization of nuclear war. Like there will be anything left after a nuclear war. Dont believe "duck and cover" stories. Only ash would be left from entire human civilization and a few old farts with stocks of food in there bunkers. Stop your power-hungry insane politicians pushing for nuclear war. Stop them while we are alive.

  25. the USA brought a lot of grief and death to many countries of the world therefore destruction of the Anglo-Saxon civilization is the benefit for all mankind, your civilization is not a civilization for the simple person, it is not a civilization of God , and a civilization of money and slaves

  26. "The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, (2 Peter 3:9-11|KJV-http://b-bq.eu/2Pet/3_9-11/KJV)

  27. President of the United States is the daughter of a Jew. dream of the Jews to build the third temple but there is now the al-Aqsa mosque . we need a big terracotta to hit the Muslims in their plan and clear Jerusalem from the Muslims. that's all.

  28. Тут речь идет не о взрыве ядерной бомбы а о подрыве террориста-смертника кустарной бомбы из 5 кг высокообогащенного урана, который террористы похитили за неделю перед терактом. В результате произойдет взрыв 2/3 хиросимского, будут уничтожены дома в километр от эпицентра, электрический импульс убьет электронику 5 км от эпицентра и электроэнергия исчезнет почти по всем городе. Ветер отнесот радиоактивныое облако на восток от пригорода Мариланд, дороги будут переполнены, потому что многие побегут искать пропавших членов семьи и медицинскую помощь и так далее по ссылке ниже:

  29. I thought modern nukes were in the mega ton range. Those make a 10k ton nuke relatively mild. A few mega ton bomb vaporizes most of DC, and those "agents" won't have any cross to bear.

  30. If Washinhton is hit by a Nuk,e it wont just be Washington, it will also be New York, Boston, Pennsylvania, Los Angeles, San Francisco and all the other mayor towns and cities in America, and powerful EMP blasts will ensure that every electronic devise is fried beyond repair.

  31. the neocons and those criminals sitting in the US (namely zionist filth) will have no hesitation to nuke the US to get their agenda on track. They will blame a 3rd party as always and the American people will yet again fall for this false flag again! Can't solve the US problem until u remove the rot namely the infiltrated khazarian mafia

  32. We need to mercy nuke, Washington, NY, LA, Detroit, Memphis, Londonstan and 3rd world multicultural shithole Paris

  33. What kind of imbecile would assume that Russia would hit DC with a 10kt warhead? Russians like overkill. If you look at the warheads in Russia's possession, many of them are in the mt range. It is the US who likes the small kt size warhead. If you have a warhead in the mt range hit DC, there will be no survivability. Nor will there be any people out riding around in their cars looking for spouses or their kids. Almost all cars will not work. This is probably somebody's wet dream to think that nuclear war with Russia or any other country is realistic. The only thing I hope is that if the neocons in the US push for nuclear war, I hope that they get targeted first for getting up into their bullshit.

  34. …If a Nuclear Bomb "VAPORIZED" Washington DC…most of the people on Earth would be Wildly Cheering and Joyfully Celebrating !!!

  35. Мне кажется или я где-то видел!Нет не кажется,ибо как везде и всегда – двойник,плагиат,ремейк,жалкая пародия на неповторимый оригинал)А именно на бывшие версии,а в том числе и мою – на моем канале!Все закономерно и логично – привычно и типично)
    Кто зашел с Дзена – лайк ставь!

  36. неужели сша да вопшем в мире все кроме важных асоб правительства амрики хочет такова конца света неужели жизнь неравиться города моря океаны реки природа неужили некому нехочиться жить в гормонии с природой с сомой жизни што им это даст все человечество уничтожит и что удолетворенноми станут лучьше будет вазмем другие цевелизации планет почему они снами не входят в контакт да потаму что мы хуже дикарей унечтожаем друг друга губим природу экологии а они посмотрет на все на это и нахрен мы им сдались гробят природу самих себя взвесят все это вот почему они не ступают с нами в контакт да и некогда невступят то што пол земли уже унечтожили а вы сдесь ужасные веши рассказываете мы хотим жить правительство свер держав уже дастало с сваими технологиями всех людей вес народ уже перепугавли неужели вам нехочится пожить на земле нармально

  37. I hope the president or anyone from democrats was not hurt! I know who did it: Stupid russians! The kong ress or whoever is alive should INVESTI GATE this russian invasion on american democracy without permission! They planned to test their "invisible" from Florida, but changed their minds. Stupid Russian!

  38. Well we all be complaining about the swamp… I for one never thought about nuking it! That took a government grant to figure out the quickest way….

  39. Я американец, и я использовал Google для перевода для меня, чтобы я мог рассказать всем вам, россиянам, трахаться!

  40. This is ridiculous. Simulating a 10kt blast because why? How is that useful? Afaik, no one even has a nuke that small. If China or Russia were to strike DC, they would use a MIRV with 120 – 450kt warheads, and there would be 5 – 10 of them detonated at 20k feet in an overlapping pattern to maximize blast distribution. If they used only one warhead, it would probably be in the 2MT range which is more than two thousand times the blast in the simulation.

    The most idiotic thing, is the idea that chaos following the blast can be mitigated by restoring cell service. LOL. The EMP is going to destroy electronics for many many miles around. There will be no cars, no phones, no power, no matter what.

    Ridiculous. At least the video could have provided some explosion simulations, but noooo… researchers just like to just waste everyone's time I guess. Why don't they spend their grant money
    studying that?

  41. I don't think a nuke (being it would be detected extremely quickly) would even make it close to DC being it would very likely just be shot down over the Atlantic

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