My dear elegant ladies,
welcome back to my channel. Today, I want to do a sit down video where I’m
going to discuss the really important topic on why you should not show
your boyfriend on social media. A lot of people think that it’s a big
warning if you’re not showing your partner on social media. But actually, I advise all my elegant ladies to keep
your partners secret and I’m going to explain why in this video. If you’ve
been following me on Instagram, especially last week and you’ve
been watching my stories, and if you don’t follow me on
Instagram, make sure you do that. It’s School Of Affluence. I spoke about last week in my stories
because somebody asked me why I don’t show my partner on social media. Why I never post pictures of
each other together and so on. And this video will definitely
answer that question, but I’m also going to touch upon the
topic why it’s fairly common actually that women, especially women in high society, they don’t showcase their
partners so much on social media. And actually, women get a lot
of bad reputation for that. People started assuming that all these
women that living a luxurious lifestyle, like they must be with really old
fat, bald, ugly men. Otherwise, they will be showing them
on social media, right? So do you want to talk about this?
Because actually, of course, there is a percentage of
women who do have bald, hairy, fat and really ugly partners, but actually a lot of women don’t. So I really think it’s important
to talk about the reality. So how will this be
applicable to you? Basically, I know that my audience
is quite widespread. I know that I have women of high
society watching my channel, as much as I have the beginner lady
watching my channel who has never even placed her foot in high society. Now,
I don’t only teach about high society, I also teach about elegance. It’s basically a lifestyle transformation
that it is that I teach about in my elite finishing school, but
also here on my YouTube channel. I think that regardless
if you’re single, married, in a relationship or whatever
your relationship status is, I think it’s just really important to
think about this particular subject. But I do want to point out that I’m not
talking about hiding your relationship in real life. I’m talking now only about hiding your
relationship or more hiding the identity of your partner on social media.
Okay. Let me start explaining why. There are basically two types of women, those who hide and those
who really don’t hide. I don’t think there’s necessarily anything
wrong with showing who your partner is I think if that serves a purpose
for you as a person in your life, then why not? There’s a lot of influencer
who like to include their partner, their whole family and so on. I am definitely not that influencer
and I’m sure it works for that person. I think that you don’t
have to be an influencer. You don’t have to have a large following. All that I want to talk about in this
video is actually applicable to you, even if you just have one follower. Women who are part of my community,
who are part of my program, who are perhaps watching my YouTube
channel, majority of you ladies, I’m sure you are women who desire to
have an affluent partner and some of you already have an affluent partner or
some are striving to have an affluent partner. And when you have
a man of a certain caliber, you do have to be a little bit strategic
because high caliber men oftentimes have a higher desire around them. Simply because they have higher status,
higher power in society and of course, more wealth. And you know,
when a man has a lot of money, the flies come out and
get attracted to him. So you do have more women who want to
have the high caliber man out there. Because of course, there’s a lot of women who strive to
upgrade themselves and their lifestyles, exactly what I teach about
on this channel. But also, they know that the fast
track is through a man. So if your partner has a
lot of money and is somehow, a good catch, you want to
protect that catch, don’t you? You don’t want to fully expose him on
the market and say, “Oh, look at my man. He’s so amazing. He’s so fantastic. Look at everything he’s giving
me and how he’s treating me, and how handsome he is and all of that.”
And then you just showing it bluntly on social media. You know, one thing that
I keep seeing this a lot, actually. There’s even women who have situations
and partners exactly like I just described, and then they also
tag him on Instagram. Oh my gosh. I think that is probably one of the most, I personally think it’s
absolutely stupid to do so. not because you cannot trust your partner. I’m not talking about the fact that you
cannot trust your man because I fully believe that you can trust your man.
You can absolutely do so. Not every man out there is a cheater
and not everybody is a bad man who will treat you poorly or leave you or
something else. I mean, again, that’s such a stereotype. There
are good men and there are bad men. That’s the reality. But life is also
unpredictable sometimes. And sometimes, life goes through phases and sometimes, we are in vulnerable phases in our lives. And if you’re just kind of
making it so easy for let’s say, mistakes to happen or
opportunities to happen, then I think that’s a little bit stupid.
I don’t think that necessarily, if your man is definitely
not a cheater type of guy, but there are women out there who are
capable to do anything. And you know, even just giving out the identity of
your man so that people can sabotage, maybe sabotage for your relationship
or sabotage for his career, or maybe sabotage for your
families, whatever it is. There’s a lot of crazy people out there
and I think that a lot of people keep forgetting this. One thing that I keep telling my friends
over and over again is that you really have to remember one thing. There’s a lot of unstable mentally ill
people out there in this world and all of these people have access to
internet just like you and me. So if you are going there all-in with
your identity and spread out on social media, tagging your partner, giving all the access that these
unstable people can have access to. Then of course, bad things can happen. And I’ve really seen it a lot in social
media and bad things have happened from everything, from cheating to
stalkers to you name it, really. So you just have to protect
yourself and your personal life. And that’s really why I’m making this
video because I want you to be more aware. You know what I’ve noticed ladies? There’s this type of women and I’m sure
there’s a lot of you watching me right now Don’t feel triggered. See this as an opportunity to maybe
start thinking instead. A lot of women out there want to validate themselves. And the great validation
way is through a man, especially if you have a good catch
of a man. If you have a handsome man, if you have a wealthy man, then wouldn’t it give you so much pleasure
to just go and show him off on your Instagram, and show how much in love
you are and make everybody thee jealous. I mean, a lot of women do it and that’s why
a lot of women decide not to hide the identity of their partner. But I
really think that’s a big, big mistake. I really think that you end up losing
more than you’re gaining. I mean, surely you’re gaining a
temporary kind of satisfaction, kind of quick fix, kind
of, I made it, haha, look at me type of thing. But really, what you’re doing is just you’re
exposing your personal life and longterm, you can actually create more damage
rather than the instant fix that you got from showing off how good
things are in your love life. Please remember this. The more you invite people
into your personal life, the more they can actually have
access to you and can sabotage. And for this reason, you always need
to be at least 5 to 10 steps ahead. I know this because I’m an influencer
and you really, really learn. Some don’t learn so some end up with
mistakes and I know that from fellow influencer friends. But I’ve seen so many crazy things happen
in influence friend’s lives and also in friends like people
who are not influencers, people who have done certain mistakes. I’m talking to only social media
here and they have paid the price. So I definitely decided very early on
that I’m going to be extremely protective of what it is exactly that I put out
there, especially in my line of work. I am triggering a lot of people so
you trigger a lot of crazy people, first of all. So you really need
to be cautious all the time. Like I said, be always 5 steps, 10 steps, a hundred steps ahead. You have to always think through
everything and everything you post. I think that you should
really think about, “What would I gain if I
was showing off my partner? How will it benefit my life?” I think
the only time I can really understand if somebody is showing off their
personal life and partner, and all that is if they’re making money
off it and fits kind of the narrative. Majority of the times, there’s
really no purpose for it, unless you’re like a family blogger or
relationship blogger. Perhaps then yes, maybe will fit a purpose
for you. In my case, I’m happy to be by myself on camera. You also have to think about another
thing and this is what I mean with giving people access into your life. And this is a thing that a lot of ladies
forget and then they kind of like, Ugh, maybe I shouldn’t have had
keep getting those thoughts instead. What if you change partners? What if you go through some horrible
breakup or some miserable situation? I’ve seen influencer
partners die, for instance, on social media. I have seen
nasty breakups on social media. I have seen everything on social media
and I’ve heard so many horrible stories. So why would you want to show
that to people? I don’t know. Do you really want people to know
when you have changed partner? Do you really want people to have that
access into your life, knowing that, “haha, they broke up or
Oh my God, what happened”, type of thing. And like, “why is she with this person
now and wasn’t she with somebody else yesterday and the month before she was with somebody else?”
Don’t let people have access to your relationship life, to your personal
life, to what you’re going through. I think relationships are so
personal and for that reason, they should be kept
very private. So ladies, some food for thought for you. I do want
to know, what are your stand on this? Do you show your partner on social media
or would you show him if you were in a relationship? Have you ever thought about things
that may happen if you do show him? And maybe some of you have actually
gone through the negative effects from having shown your partner social media
and how that can actually backfire to you many times. I want to hear from
you ladies in the comments. Share with me your stories because I’m
sure I’m not the only one who thinks that this is certainly the way to go and
you’re just doing yourself a favor, and being smarter than
the rest by doing this. Now I have a free cheat sheet,
Where To Meet Affluent Men. to download that cheat sheet. By the way, if you still haven’t watched my video,
Types of Women, Affluent Men Wants. Make sure to watch that video
because I will see you there.


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  2. Another consideration is that a high power man might also have major security requirements for his company, it might not be safe to reveal him. He has to trust that you will help him stay safe in his line of work.

  3. That zoom in on your face when you said, "one follower" cracked me up. But yes, though some of us aren't popular in numbers, I know some people do creep on my page. And it is kind of unsettling to know if they know too much of my personal life.

  4. This is so true! My man doesn’t have social media and I do have mine but I never post his photos because I respect and protect his privacy. I also don’t post anything about our relationship because it’s no one’s business.

  5. Hello, watching from Philippines . I really love your show can you teach us more about how to eat a crab and seafood in a affluent way and what nail color is appropriate for classy girl. Thank you

  6. Privacy, specifically when it comes to relationships is elegant and classy to me. I cannot stand women who place so much value and their worth on talking about their partners. It’s so distasteful really.

  7. I would never post much about my partner on social media again. With my last partner, a girl who was supposed to be friends with the two of us actually ended up breaking us up. Now they're married! I have been much more guarded as far as showing off my current partner.

  8. I have a tiny tiny following on IG cause I’m quite engaging with my followers. And no I’ve never showed the guys I dated on IG but some of my followers (the guys lol) just assume I’m single and send flirty DMs or comments my way. It’s annoying at times especially when I’m blissfully happy on a date and I happen to read the DMs. I just wanna tell them I’m not single! Also, at the same time, I don’t wanna reveal anything personal about me….

  9. Anna my partner isn't an affluent man and he doesn't like the fact that I don't share photos with him in my social media, why should I to do? (Sorry for my bad English)

  10. No I don't show my partner. Him too 😊 our relationship is the best. We can't even think about any other partners 🙏😇

  11. Good advice, I don't even talk if I am marry or single or if I have children. People just want to know to have something to talk about.

  12. Eversince you visited the color course you brought more variety of colors into your wardrobe. All the different colors look so good on you, I love it! It really does elevate your look and you look just polished, fresh and elegant😊🌺 greetings from Austria 💕

  13. I don’t like showing my partner to any social media, I don’t like telling our relationship and our lives to others…people just see how happy and contented I am —and these speak how I am well loved and being well taken care of and he is being well loved and well taken care of too.

  14. I do agree .
    Plus my mom always told me never show of your man or your career because people can get very jealous and destroy you.

  15. I don't particularly want to get in to high society but I really admire and look up to you so much! I want to be as classy, elegant, beautiful, and smart as you are!

  16. Sometimes I wish I could get someone to love me am so lonely,I have been elegant taking a good care of myself, paying my bills eg

  17. The best advice my mother-in-law ever gave me was handed down from her mother-in-law: “save the best for yourself.” No need for everyone to get the privilege of a window into all the precious moments and aspects of your life.

  18. I believe in evil eye and jealousy. Whatever you post about you on social media people will always always be jealous and put evil eye on you and ruin your life 😂.

  19. I don’t even like talking about my partners to anyone you just never know peoples intentions. Just keep it all to yourself and write anything in a journal and keep it close to you

  20. I certainly agree! One thing I think about is his exes coming to troll me once they find out we're married. Because it didn't end well for them. He says he tried social media while dating one ex and they were so jealous even though he did nothing wrong they were so insecure (created a fake page to test and troll him and did nothing else over time but friend them- cos he just accepted requests from pretty much anybody lol not being to internet savvy- and they got mad). Since he doesn't use it himself I don't want to put him out there on mine. I even debated changing my author website last name once married (but it wouldn't match the books I had published)& he said "the people that I work with, that know us and visit us know we are together and as long as we claim each other as husband and wife irl he's not pressed". I'm private with my own sharing anyway so it's not like a big deal, this is another thing I keep to myself.

  21. PS I rarely show my step child online. If my husband wants to he can. If he's in a shot he has a filter over his face or I show him chin down… People don't always have good intentions so we have to protect ourselves!

  22. I think the greatest trap of social media is to showcase your relationships and too much of a personal life in general …

  23. I do not show my partners on social media. And yet once I brought someone I was getting to know to my birthday party where he met all my friends and young relatives. At the party I had to give attention to all my guests and I missed the occasion when my cousin approached him to get hos contact details. Our relationship did not work, mostly because I realized we were not a match, so I broke things off with him and only 2 days after the break up, guess who I catch hooking up with each other in public, at the beach? Yes, him and my cousin. So, yes, keep your contacts and boyfriends hidden from your social media.

  24. I agree. I have learned the hard way. I did a screen shot of a guy i was interested in and sent it to who I thought was a friend. She sent a FB message to this guy and told him lies about me due to her being jealous

  25. Oh,I so much agree with Ann!!! I can't stand those idiotic hashtags and cutie-putie love photos and yelling out how hard you love photos. It's such a low class!!! I won't show my partner hanging on his neck.

  26. True t
    he moment you put that on social media the relationship start falling apart I have noticed that with some girls. I always have liked my life privately. The moment girls notice that your man does everything for you and is a good one they will try to win his attention be aware of them jalouse ones.

  27. I would not if i was in a relationship. Maybe a pic or two. But basiclly not. I am a very private person, and i like to share with family and close friends my happines, but not on social media.

  28. Both my husband and I are very private people. We rarely post on social media and when we do, it's usually reposting an interesting article (never political) or something completely impersonal. I am so private my son once bought me a t-shirt that says "You Don't Know Me–Federal Witness Protection" as a joke when he visited Washington DC. My profile pictures are usually this cartoon. Only once did I use an actual picture of myself with my son because he asked me to.

  29. Thank you for this vid. Yes its totally crazy–town out here. A person can expose their private life and partner but if one does that, don't get mad if you get a creepy stalker or a fatal attraction chic comes for you and/or your man….lol. And regardless of what a woman's high caliber partner(s) look(s) like, as long as she is getting her needs fulfilled…she doesn't need to show/prove anything to anybody, especially low class and low frequency people.. Remember the golden rule ladies….if a person isnt F, F, or F you, then who cares what they think.

  30. Too bad this topic doesn't concern me since I have not had a man in 5 years.. But I will remember what you said if I ever have one.

  31. I want to be a digital artist and eventual animator and I’m learning that having a social media presence is necessary for me to gain a fan base and market. I’m trying to learn more about how to make a guidebook for myself and a set a rules to follow. I hope it will let me be relatable enough for people to want to support me but not so transparent that I constantly put my foot in my mouth. People these days are very addicted to being over invested in other people’s business so I’m worried. I’m hoping that the boundaries I set might give me a mysterious edge at least.

  32. My boyfriend is an affluent man and we have been together for 5 years now but I have never ever posted him on my social media. My family and friends knows him and that is what's important. We don't need validation from other people 🙂

  33. It can be very dangerous to show off your partner, even with friends!! I used to have a best friend and tell her about my relationship issues, as i am a very anxious person and can see things a lot bigger than they are… He is the man of my life, and i noticed she never really liked when i talked about us, but this one time i had a breakdown she took the opportunity of me being weak to brainwash me into thinking i wasn't actually being loved…. And i had a huge problem arise out of this. After doing that she constantly tried to get info. About the issue. Fortunately i didn't lose this person but i learned to no longer talk about my relationships with anyone and just… Figure things out myself.

  34. This is exactly my take. I would appreciate if you can respond to this, what if it is your partner who’s insisting on being shown on SM or acting out from insecurities, how do you handle such?

  35. I post my husband on Facebook, one time we were helping women to become survivors. I am a survivor and Avid Advocate to bring awareness to what is happening to our women and children. The next thing I know women were sending him friends' requests. He showed me and blocked them. So I understand how you feel. I'm not insecure, but I was getting a little bit jealous until I notice he was blocking them. He would say, to me no thank you I don't want another mans headache. I know what I have with you. Awwwww😊😊😊😊

  36. Anna, you touched on a very important topic. In the excitement of getting more more friends on social media, we tend to forget that all those people we met 10,15 yrs ago are now complete strangers. We often don't know how the life has shaped them and what behaviour an innocent in our mind post may trigger. In case of privacy less is more.

  37. I think this is one of the best videos you have ever posted. Nowadays every single person out there is showing off their partners, their life, where they are going and so on, without even thinking about the consequences! Your personal life is nobody's business but your own

  38. My boyfriend questions me why I never post him on social media. He has posted me severally. But I still don't want to post him. Advise me.

  39. My mother even told me from a young adult on, DO NOT show off your man..and that she wouldn't even have them around girlfriends..women can be very sneaky. I'd never think to ask to see anyones man unless they showed me a picture themselves..even after that I'm not adding him on Instagram or Facebook or NOTHING. Its disrespectful.

  40. To keep my private/ family affairs, I created two facebook accounts. One for my public exposure with my students, one for my family only.

  41. Hi 👋🏾 I love your content ☺️
    Do you think I can achieve something similar being a dark skinned lady? I feel like those kind of man are not interested in us at all 🙃

  42. I have been bashed and told that my fiance is a fake cause we dont put our pictures together on fb… even though he does have a few pics of himself on there… my family went as far as lying to me and stealing my Phone in the CHURCH, to get his number and tell him how fake he is and call him all kinds of names… we were only together for about a month when they did that. We have a long distance relationship cause he is in college, and we want him to be done with college before we get married. So because they cant see him, this is what they did, not only to him, but to me too. They hurt both of us with what they did… this was in 2014 and they still havent apologized, and it's to the point I dont think they will even attend the wedding…
    1. He doesnt want the attention
    2. He hates taking pictures
    3. He is a private person and doesnt want to be taken advantage of…
    4. We do what we do for a reason
    5. Mind your own business and get your own life

  43. Besides YouTube I am not on social media. With this in mind, I have men from the past that still feel the need to keep old pictures from years ago of us online. Just a reminder of why I’m not on social media. You can’t believe everything people post to be true 🤷🏻‍♀️

  44. So True🌺🌺 I had a supposed to be True Friend.. Come after now my ex Fiance' after posting him on social media.. I quickly found she was not a friend.. After having her around several years"" I don't post anymore.. Lol

  45. I don't seek an affluent partner, and I don't view men as high "caliber" based on money. Trump is allegedly wealthy, but he's trailer trash. I earn my own money. But I agree that you are entitled to your privacy, and good for you for sticking with it.

  46. This is a wonderful video! Thank you so very much. Anna, please could you or anyone offer suggestions on how to politely decline giving out your cell number and or Instagram info. I'm a positive, bubbly friendly woman. I have attracted some incredibly unstable people, both men and women. I had a horrific experience with an ex co worker last year who pushed for my number, pretended to have similar interests, and then she bombarded me with racially venomous hate texts. I've blocked her several times and she will call me from another number at odd hours of the day. Several years prior, a man I had no interest in dating was so upset that he entered my number into a weird sex text pornography website. And, I was overwhelmed with vile explicit sexual text messages. This person was a member of a support circle I was attending. But, he was a complete predator. How does affluent society NOT give out their numbers or social media info to people they are not sure about. Thank so much!💖

  47. Thank you so much, Anna, for your magnificent videos! You have been my most favourite motivator for the past year. Love what and how you are teaching! Many blessings to you!

  48. You forgot to mention 1 important thing: Men who want to use you for a come up! If you let those men you date know from the start that you would never share ANYTHING about your partner on social media, this might avoid some of the social climbers who might approach you for ulterior motives!

  49. Quite good video Anna. I agree with keeping your personal life private. It's very important to limit people's access to the finer details of your life such as your relationship. As I quite often say "don't report yourself to the enemy"
    Social media is quite misleading as all those likes /loves/ comments on people's relationships are not genuine. You're one of my favourite YouTubers. Keep your private life just that… Private 👌🏼

  50. This is the "big sister talk" every person needs; male, female, or something else. I have always kept my romantic partners off or on the "downlow" on my social media. Limited PDA, limited romantic post (no tagging), and if a picture is posted we're with a group of friends and it's our circle. The most I do on Facebook is change my relationship status from "hidden" to "in a relationship" so people know I'm off the market. And I'm tempted to get rid of Facebook, it's not a classy platform.

  51. Well said Anna! Love this video. I wish I would have known this in my mind 20s. Learned the hard way you have to private especially when you are happy

  52. I completely agree with you . I have learnt it the hard way . It was one of my close friend who started sending nudes to my boyfriend while she was going through her breakup . I couldn’t believe my own eyes when my boyfriend showed me her messages.

  53. I never agreed so much with a video like I just did on this one. I just had 1 photo of my partner but deleted and did the same with my kids. People used to say that I have the most wonderful kids all the time. Coincidentally they started to get colds so so often…I believe in energies. Also, my best friends sister is a stalker who started to follow me and my sister on IG. My sister is a very good nutritionist and influencer. So this girl (my best friends sister) had the cheek to print my sister stories and sent to her on whatsapp…I got the print and couldnt believe it. Now my 20 year relationship with my best friend has been shaken.

  54. I'll never put up on my fb about my relationship again, twice it went wrong once I did, men trying to butt in with comments that ultimately made my partner question things that weren't going on, people trying to add him was the weirdest, never again.

  55. Anna, I know you don't want to look like a doctor. Dear, the wise way you talk, your advice is so resourceful. Best channel. I love your words.

  56. I’m by no means an affluent Lady …. but inspired etiquette of affluent ladies ….
    My social media if just friends and not vastly global as yours or many others ….
    However occasionally I do post a picture of my husband and myself …. but I do respect his wishes that doesn’t every picture of him on my social media….
    I have no risks of jealousy or sabotage…. it’s down to respect to my husband and vice versa …. however the cat gets all the media attention … so my husband doesn’t need to feel out numbered by the cat 😁… put a picture of me on Facebook I get 5 likes the cats gets 1000 likes 🤷🏻‍♀️….
    At the end of the day respect your partner / friend / husband

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