The Food and Drug
Administration has declared teen vaping an “epidemic.” Today, more than 3.6 million middle and high school students say they regularly vape using
electronic cigarettes. These devices can be
as small as a USB drive and cost less than $20. Even the vaping industry itself appears to be troubled by the trend. Kevin Burns, CEO of Juul Labs Inc., the maker of the best-selling
e-cigarette in the U.S., apologized to parents
with addicted children in the CNBC documentary “Vaporized: America’s
E-Cigarette Addiction.” “I hope there was nothing that we did that made it appealing to them.” Many e-cigarettes are sold featuring sweet, fruity flavors
reminiscent of candy. And while e-cigarettes
don’t contain tobacco, they’re full of highly addictive nicotine extracted from tobacco leaves. The battery of an e-cigarette
sends electronic currents to heat up the nicotine rich oil. Once the oil becomes
hot enough, it converts into vapor, which is then puffed
or inhaled from the device. For young people whose brains
are not yet fully developed, vaping can lead to nicotine addiction, mood disorders and permanent
lowering of impulse control. It took decades for the
effects of cigarettes to emerge and e-cigarettes have only
been the market since 2006. And while the lasting effects
haven’t been fully researched, vaping is clearly a serious health risk for growing children and teens.

8 thoughts on “Why Juul CEO is apologizing for teen vaping ‘epidemic’ | Just The FAQs”

  1. You forgot to mention it’s 95% safer than smoking cigarettes and that vaping is solely intended to help people get off of them. That the cigarette companies have deals with the states and paid them off, & that the fda is losing money bc people aren’t buying their suicide inducing cessations such as chantix from large drug companies. Do adults like flavors such a grape, cherry, cheesecake etc? Of course, that’s like saying adults don’t like flavored beverages. Should we get rid of vaping so everyone can go back to smoking? No, that’s an awful idea, kids are going to do what they do, smoke, drink, do drugs, vape; I’m so sick of this “save the children” bs being toted, everyone knows that’s not the real reason why the fda has a problem with vaping. The UK is embracing vaping because they know it’s a better alternative to smoking, they’ve done the research. They’re so confident in the data they’ve collected that you can purchase vaping products in some hospitals.

  2. to bad Vaping is harmless as caffeine when consumed as vaping unlike cigarettes it wont cull the herd …Americans are the governments cash cow its really all about taxation your all suckers !
    Think of the children , why does it make your nipples tingle mom ? Besides they have pubes they are YOUNG ADULTS

  3. You can vape without nicotine and it's safe. just buy juul compatible pods with no nicotine

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