A woman climbed up the Statue of Liberty prompting police to evacuate visitors from the island  Photographs shared online show her standing at the base of the monument next to Lady Liberty’s feet  Cops were called at around 1.33pm following reports of the woman climbing up the iconic statue on 4th July   US Parks Police said all visitors are being evacuated and taken off the island via ferry, abc action news reports  According to reports, she seen lying on her stomach and kicking her feet up behind her  She was reportedly seen waving a t-shirt, but it remains unclear if she was protesting anything  This comes after several people were reportedly arrested by the United States Park Police after unrolling a banner saying “Abolish ICE” at the statue   The banner was organised by Rise and Resist NYC, a group which said it was at the Statue of Liberty to urge President Trump abolish the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and “reunite families, halt deportations and end detention as a deterrent,” nbcnewyork reports  But the group took to Twitter to deny any connection to the female climber.  They wrote: “Rise and Resist planned a banner drop today at the Statue of Liberty  “This action did not include the climber on the statue.  “Our action was completed earlier  “While it was not part of our action, our first priority and concern is for the safety of the climber ”  Rise and Resist earlier put out a statement which said: “Reflecting the sentiments of Saturday’s nationwide End Family Separation protests, members of Rise and Resist staged a visual protest at the Statue of Liberty on Independence Day  “An ABOLISH ICE banner was hung from the statue, and activists spelled out the same message on their shirts  “Dozens of tourists cheered on the activists, and the protest was broadcast via live stream over social media ”  On the 4th July Americans mark Independence Day – the birth of their nation and the biggest holiday across the pond  The day – a federal holiday – marks when the US won independence from the British Empire after the Revolutionary War  It commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence 241 years ago on July 4, 1776

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