100 thoughts on “‘Wonder Woman’ Star Gal Gadot Feels Responsibility Of Being A Good Role Model | Sunday TODAY”

  1. When she mentions someone asking her to do something against her will, I bet you good money that was Whedon on his Justice League re shoots. You can't possibly tell me that Gal was happy having her breasts be a bouncehouse for Ezra, or for Wonder Woman getting a forced romantic arc with Batman.

  2. Lol good role model? Pointing guns at Palestinian children and executing them when they throw rocks is great role model material…that’s a joke

  3. I love this woman absolutely. She's just so empowering and inspiring in every way! She is so beautiful on the outside….but more importantly Gal is beautiful on the inside 🙂

  4. The reason she’s THE feminist icon is cause she’s inclusive of everyone. Not just those that fit the strereotypical “strong feminist” stereotype. She also includes everyone in that she wants female equality with men not women ruling over men

  5. "A year ago at this time, if I said the name Gahl Guddut, I would be wrong because that's not how her name is pronounced."

  6. I keep looking for a flaw in Gal Gadot. Either a physical or a psychological flaw. I have found nothing. She maybe perfect. Just like the actual Wonder Woman

  7. beautiful, charming, attractive, humble spirit, funny she truly is a Wonder Woman in real life and on screen , love seeing her success shine in these movies

  8. The truth is also that she is a very good actress and a very beautiful woman but she is very humble and married and it is very beautiful

  9. lmao "me no speak english" i already knew that shes very intelligent, beautiful, classy , down to earth etc
    but know i learned how funny she is as well 🙂

  10. wonder woman! my fave movie of 2017! Can't wait to see wonder woman 2! Justice league was not my cup of tea, a bit boring, but none of that is because of Gal, she was the highlight in the movie for me. They should do more interesting stories when it comes to several superheroes in 1 movie.

  11. Anyway you feel is your responsibility and your's alone. You are ignorant if you think other people make you feel a certain way. You choose how you want to feel. So if someone is "making" you do something without physically touching you. Then you know that you obviously are getting some kind of satisfaction out of it. Women make men do things way more than guys make girls do things. It's annoying when people don't research or observe the world and then acts like they know something when they have never tried to understand anything from anybody else's point of view in they're life. Just a bunch of weak people looking for selfish gains. By playing the role. Also if you don't want to do something then why would you do it? People can't telepathically make you do something. So why do it…? Oh ya cause they all gained something from it! Wake up people! Then they black mail someone by holding it over they're head for years? Wtf? There are real victims out there that need people and yall are focused on these famous rich people. Taking attention away from the real victims that need it. Take a couple hours a night to just use ur head and think amd I promise you will find a whole new world. A world being suffocated by B.S. Haha A good world that can be saved if we only will it.

  12. Great interview and perfect title. It is a huge responsibility. Especially with young women looking up to her.

  13. I like her, shes very intelligent . If only she got interest to win the Miss Universe maybe she got the title. But life of journer never ends here. Shes now a world class from israel.

  14. DC perfectly chose the right wonder woman
    Shes almost everything
    Beautiful inside out
    Pure heart
    A model, a wife material… a sweet mother…
    Gosh!!! A good actress
    I adore her
    Simply elegant
    A fighter and wealthy and yet so humble in heart

  15. 2:30 she is describing Brie Larson ????? and that's the reason why we love Wonder Woman and hate Captain Marvel

  16. I love her when I saw her in Fast and Furious, I was sad when she killed her character their,
    But I was jumping when she's became the Wonder Woman.

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