What’s up guys welcome back to another
video on the channel. Today’s video we’re gonna be talking about the Xbox Series X
when it’s gonna be revealed and this new image that has been circulating on
Reddit and Twitter today. So this is the image in question it is supposedly like
a leaked promotion from the media briefing regarding the Xbox Series X
most likely suggesting when we’re gonna find out about what the release date
will be how much it’s gonna cost or the specs are gonna be just more details
than we have because as of now we don’t have a lot of details about it we have a
lot of leaked stuff but not a lot of officially confirmed things so this is
exciting because this potentially gives us the date when we will find out more
information so this says that the media briefing will be on April 6 2020 so it’s
a little bit of weird spacing in this but I said to be at 9:30 a.m. in the
Microsoft theater and it says power your dreams and they’ll be streamed on mixer
and YouTube so this whole thing makes sense that we’re gonna be getting some
sort of briefing some sort of like actual reveal of the Xbox series X prior
to e3 so hopefully at e3 they’re actually going to talk about games on
the new system on the Xbox 360 thats what Microsoft is gonna spend III doing
is there are going to reveal their system sometime between now and III III
is gonna be in June so between now and III is when they’re gonna reveal the
system mean they’ve already technically revealed the system and announced it’s
gonna be called the Xbox series X what it looks like and a few details about it
but we still don’t have any information regarding price release state expects
not much regarding games or anything else like that so I would hope that
Microsoft would hold a briefing before then you know where they can announce
these details that way at e3 they can just go over all sorts of games that
control like Halo Infinite on the Xbox 360 and all sorts of games and focus III
on games and they can have a separate press conference talking about the
hardware itself and going over exactly what the Xbox Series X is going to
deliver so is it gonna happen on April 6 2020 well that remains to be seen
a lot of people are killing that this might be a fake image
because of a number of things one because at the top it just says Xbox
series and it has the little rights reserved thing but why is it called Xbox
series it’s not Xbox series we know the consoles called Xbox series X so why
would it just say Xbox series or why wouldn’t it just be an Xbox maybe a
briefing that seems strange and then people are also saying it’s weird that
they have the spacing here between the date between April 6 2020 and at 9:30
a.m. is that it kind of looks like it says 2019 here and it’s not spaced out
very well and then also people are saying it could be fake because also the
power your dreams slogan has rights reserved on there as well but it
actually is reserved through Microsoft so would it show up like that I don’t
know maybe and then it also says mixer and YouTube but people are saying that
you know the mixer in the YouTube like logos or icons down here at the bottom
are misaligned as well so it kind of screams like an early work in progress
if it was real or just like a pretty cheap fake then of course we’re ignoring
the fact they have why would they even have this if it’s still like two months
away if like we’re still here in February and all of a sudden this is
coming out apparently about a media briefing over two months away and it
even has a time and whatever else I don’t know I do believe this actually
might be fake but it does bring up an interesting question nonetheless about
when Microsoft will reveal the Xbox series X and go over all the different
details about it I’m sure it’s gonna happen between now and III and if
Microsoft hasn’t already come out with an announcement for it I can basically
almost guarantee you it’s not gonna be happening any time in like the next
month so I would say earliest is gonna be
sometime like late March sometime in April or May but for sure we’re gonna be
getting details about it in June the competitions playstation 5 is also
supposed to be revealed here very shortly sometime early this year
sometime between like now and June Sony is apparently going to be revealing the
PlayStation 5 what it looks like and some other details about it between now
and then but also we’ve heard that Sony has been
waiting for Microsoft to actually make their move
and come out with details on the Xbox Series X before they announced stuff
such as pricing on the PlayStation 5 so this could be another reason why
Microsoft is tight-lipped and isn’t really showcasing anything regarding the
Xbox 360 price or specs or release date or anything like that is because
Microsoft is also likely waiting for Sony to make a move so I mean Microsoft
has to make a move at some point they will be talking about it ie 3 this year
so if nothing else they will at least be talking about it by then so I hope that
Sony will talk about their system here very shortly
they might not talk about the price or specific hardware or something like that
just yet but Sony will also not be attending the e3 this year so they said
that they’re gonna be doing like their own gaming events and going to other
trade shows rather than III so I’m assuming and we’ve talked about this
before they’re gonna have their own event sometime between now and e3 where
they talk about their PlayStation 5 and then at e3 developers could maybe talk
about the PlayStation 5 on Sony’s behalf and kind of show off oh this is our
next-generation trailer here’s what this game Assassin’s Creed whatever will
actually look like when played on the PlayStation 5 or something like that you
could do something like that but right now we don’t have a whole lot of details
about these new next-generation systems just a lot of leaks and basically we
have information that Sony is waiting for Microsoft and most likely Microsoft
is also waiting for Sony neither of them wants to make the first move
because then that gives the other an opportunity to actually one-up them and
do them one better and could honestly affect the whole next generation of
consoles because of it we saw this already happened with the Xbox one and
the PlayStation 4 so I don’t blame Microsoft for being very tight-lipped
about the Xbox 3 sec’s but it’s also makes sense for Sony to be
tight-lipped about the PlayStation 5 as well you don’t want to come out and
announce the system they’ll be weaker when your competition can right after
say that their system is gonna be more powerful you don’t want to come out and
say that your system is gonna be more expensive than the competition can come
out immediately right after and be like hey ours is cheaper you don’t want to
come out and say hey this is our release date is November 15 and then the
position come out and say hey our release days November 8th a week before
but eventually they will have to release details about this and we’re just got to
wait until then so let’s go do it for our video today guys what do you guys
think about this do you guys think this is real potentially on April 6 2020 is
when we’re gonna be getting the Xbox series X media briefing and I don’t know
could be cool could be real what do you guys think let
me know in the comments down below – guys so much for watching this video
I’ll see you guys next time


  1. We know a lot of official details on XBOX Series X from Phil Spencer himself.

    On the other hand, we know 100% Nothing about PS5.

  2. No one is more excited about this than sony, so Microsoft can tell them how much they can sell the ps5 for and Sony can pretend they figured it out afterwards

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