ladies and gentlemen the single word tonight is what really he told that you off and leaves lines will your life although it was a great rosen
transponder hollywood and walking a little more than three thousand soul
women either but it was a mom on display the outstanding nine didn’t have before
me so long island with fully automatic power point
transmission and the on the old nineteen fifty four
points your best buy in the low price the and all the rain is the one they online uh… ice yet remain well here and again with a thousand also
one of our problems george was placed on the ground mister
waller i grant film believes all those lies again right there kicked mister walker marlon and mister wrote wittingly to russell ever reversing occupations we’d like to
talk about so-called was in the groucho marx welcome parts of the start of women
there was a mistake in word and you divide two hundred dollars the common write something you see every
day serena cerveza carmen and mister world mahoney through the a very attractive thank you uh… career from originally on from washington scene reviewing your apartment it is necessary the bruno z all right now or wonderful no once going again but there are twenty three i manning
mcmahon and refused point-blank indictment regards reading in the morning no more well the experimenting don’t spoil her would you work for more once more or your standards oh city if you are all of them will come back in
saying there when you do for the world standards references for programmers in the grants and specifically what you’re
doing with your own stands for workers bring your own transit bart
starr and problems on women’s rights in front of
wantonly on unit their original finish rossoll marie the only difference is
caitlin to them wonderful on something about your review withstand and control president clinton’s condiments and
looting returns include making a desert delegates and
senators alan donating a gym as opposed to a record consumes them you’ve been through thickness roads are cameras uh… something like that she also has objected when did you make
your workload and there are some years ago usually group mailing them well-run
settle washing nancy m we were married a week later you know but could you give us some details of
this whirlwind courtship play mentor eight twenty on she or eight o’clock tonight eight
twenty i decided i was going to ask you to marry me uh… which i did at twelve twenty that
night which he did weekly in pretty good shape it is still killzone time on new year’s day
four hours after the party stuff hasn’t changed for the party we went over to
listen to symphony records forty sister house of hers we listened
to or walk through a paradise garden you’re listening to paradise garden ideally that’s the only
thing that was the name of the missing monitors that these days delays they had uh… mister coffee at intervals inputs it’s not only in india with foreign
minister onto michael with and cream are it as they are now much about you often and prior to this uh… this ought to go to throw dirt yes
president was in reading the up was considered a roster was considered
not a very uh… would risk manager with the sort of
trend organization not very thin women about jobs and if you have a job at the time yes i was it will be cool for it will continue more substantial job and uh… on
fortune beatlemania cold beer bottles betsy go mysterious resist really are evaluating
for that had been through of these complex on were explained to me in san diego i’d worked and lived on the beach up and down the beach from west point to
put his name what kind of a kinder gentler i mean
uh… any what kind of stuff to pick up the anything foxman just enough to be
merchandise picked up some blossom in just a moment but they doing any beach combing these days
more or respectable job visit weldon should not and finding some abstract sculpture and steel extracts country c_n_n_ waters that experience covering uh… abstract sculpture as i understand it is the
addition of formal meaning to amassed that has no
formal meaning by the use of human will have choosen contemporary media did well you’ve regarding all your life
through a kind of a mysterious ways i mean right now well and that you have a lot of fun you
seem like a kind of some of the tickets again in search of a lot of everything
he doesn’t get u_n_ john gunther idea so they’re heaviest on any of you know like know the main problems getting
individuals in juries and becoming bolder warm haggard classics why do you go into these are new usual condo could’ve occupations a like
you and i think everyman should do it i admire your euro fine home
ecologically that kind of thinking that keeps the
country there was a problem for customer it’s ended an abstract rukmini robert
handed out largely a token and for never thought when you first came out here initially squandered me that you are
required to ask you when i was trying to play with your life knowing evander evander about aom one of
the problems for a crack in the big question later you selected cities with the same name there are a number of important cities
with the same name summit here in the united states as some of rolling at cvg unidentified interface question
how much would you bet framingham implementing them slightest
cities and also was one of our major industrial
cities in one state is now a blaming him brendon pets right now comfort broadway apt forty dollars there for
eight hours not much of the sermon on the second question and all day your argument is about two hundred miles
from london our city in the august twenty seven
miles from harrisburg in one state is your insulin that’s right and coming out onto the internet converter the city of syracuse incessantly has
declined from former days of glory this kind of a one-act play but i would say recuse is still on the
way up with over two hundred thousand people in wednesday’s is it located marriott is right amount one hundred fifty dollars now it
is your last answer you have a problem here and there with well all cambridge is a famous
university set in england and watch phase-out cambridge as over a hundred thousand people refuse massachusetts is found happily greyhound money not frankly
about minnesota promenade the ladies and gentlemen here’s why the great newell nineteen
fifty four desoto deserve the name automatic quietly on lake are on the american role
but fully deserves that name first of all whether you’re driving
along we open road or parking in a tight spot de soto full-time power steering does
the work of steering and parking for you and when you have to stop he saw an old full power brakes who over half the work of breaking for
you then to tesoro electric windshield
wipers maintain constant speed windshield wiper and if you desire nineteen fifty four
desoto will raise and lower your windows air-conditioned itself into a sort of
other things for you are dramatically but the biggest news of all this year is the sonal power flight fully
automatic transmission the newest and finest automatic
transmission available just turn the key and already the bride step on the gas pedal you’re away in a
swelling surge of small power never drive your jerky yes friends the nineteen fifty four d
solo automatic is a car designed and built for carry
out your sudden mortars quickly quietly safely at all speak visit your neighborhood be so to open
the peters who see the new orders so and remember this total what you what i had automatically okay judges in eight we have a teenager
groucho miss carol sonya together reporters a special guest room we
invited because it is interesting occupation business travel agents and so
for people in place in the groucho marx dan jansen in mascara sony entertainment tara sent you a pretty in a message
ensign this is without looking at mister hinson hooked up with you hollow to you sixteen sixteen you go to school can definitely an it’s prettier unity graduating from high
school sixteen mysterious might go in addition to the internet message and so let’s get on with you
know you’re you’ve been sending it was a make him look in your eyes the united airline ticket and send a
picture of her there are for where you’re from mister janssens
warning them soon you know the gentleman from the cancers
have from i don’t think so unit and sandman jackson which is an eye
on it now how about your first name is ed jensen or firstly with aaron and audio contact flawless pristine adam transform your there think well you know me you are not many
friends do and we can provide and and like you doesn’t sound pretty silly with how many
of them do it thought of what you do out of my you in
the red business no and the chief of police of san diego you know what doing police in san diego miami you’re not allowed to get in the
getting n_e_a_ elaborate and oldest outstanding
wonderful town problems crime in running wild in san
diego put on another rental inventories gene six years family keeping a lot of your abilities
as head of the police well that we are dancer and you manage now don’t have to worry about an interim please be sure you have the right answer
to a grand jury do headlines but in every spare matias
donna well our station in the morning and worthwhile and it find out what has happened since i left
there before i mean you’re reading newspapers and tv
women back do you know if you don’t you know what’s
happened well lou most the time but i like to find ways in
jail and that would put up a crime’s been
committed and uh… really tragic accidents have happened
uh… return home on the sleeping in down you have any women policeman down we have some women who are not policewoman please make turns out it
doesn and and pretty good video on these women take orders from you through a detailed eighties and she sure
do though many are not that you go the
super cheap on well it’s time to stop talking a ton of
money magazine engine let downs and i was only kidding you know that company tension me packet i kind of san
diego now that might lead nineteen or twenty twenty dollars an
hour moronic covers you’ll get a crack at the event montpellier in the race for the bars and dollars the
first couple one three hundred twenty dollars the secret word is water the reality of life and it went out here
so i got out that my friend hunting for a cop measured by twenty management of their
yet running out what he called a comical looking but
instead of having an arctic regions they can’t swim but can fly penguins is right allen damage in the forty dollars in interest
this time claudio policy by that is regardless of the station by
some sailor surround the ancient manitoba one of these days yelled albatross is right may allah united right why do you call the acquired by let
nancy show they have a lot better with the park and
an eighth and try to fill out the and usual and any other type of comment a
moment to take the united auto body of all along that and for a place
that i found one time talk it over proves that is right banking lacking this however and that
the other driveways net worker who works in a very
good job she’s missus and lend their partners
mister petered apollo so-called you could please give intimate groucho marx welcome for the start-up materials say that’s a good writing about a
hundred dollars it’s a common way something always had with you mister cells into an image to be to the
following that baghdad fabiana peru it’s a very famous name
onto the place man ever to go over niagara falls in a pickle brown know about your idol of raking cars rawlinson who works for you were a great
continue with a hero that we get no book i couldn’t read the newspaper accounts
for the other kids used to tell me about did only forty eight of the time do inactive year men to stand in line idea
more because then i’d like to get better
agree with you with where you from i was born in hollywood california
grachev polio company where you work opening all possible and usually you observe bankers i wasn’t listed
online wall street courtney morning so far away there’s everybody whom more thinking usual didn’t on animal partner remainder sizable
withdrawal around ten at night president obama henry originating in
asia grew up with some of the times that you security during your career well i’d say the most banning was
winning the famous uh… indianapolis five minute mile race becoming the nationally a champion twenty five
nineteen twenty seven what was your average time lubavitchers in nineteen twenty five i
have is a hundred one mile-per-hour what are they average no sounding funny there’s a lot of money in racing in
those days are yes there was twenty five i was lucky enough to win a hundred and
uh… sixty eight thousand dollars and i thought it was terrible that i had
to pay some fifty two adults pat daddy i think the fifty two hundred and
send the rest a lot doing but you can start in the race and as it
was a little bit here ambition to be restricted though i want to go to college when i was a young kid clama at the added by the college my
father had a sign of the kitchen doll written italian and the red ink you know a lot more in
our minds presenting don’t drive your keys in the
workplace down it will go up in a week that live on latin abhay so i thought barbarism really was more of a principal
many you just let me on a venerable planet
caravan here within your polls and getting used to
have to take it one of the orbiting career well and in that type of that in stats
form iraqi happy as a matter of fact that
each race at the home and their mother would have one request that i did go to new york
telemarketing we get down to the public marketing on the show myself legal on talking about the mountain uh… as is the fact that i anticipate
shopping for her eighth the company alot friday talk something like beethoven
maria that produced and funded by the technical do what what what the strikes
against u_n_ project and maybe well and i think that i could relate
that show but i remember very distinctly there in world war while brother jack
and i brantley erco are but it uh… min and and on this one visit at home during our
leave johnny one on televised flying which got
mother all excited and actually in light of all people nowadays they thought of
anybody fire plan to get killed so they’re all mothers johnnie myself and leaving home she embraced johnny with that love and affection which only a molecules and in a soft latin voice uses johnny
boy when you fly you fly low-level sewell do then i remember to months later after
that point johnnie had had the crime is fortunate direct down in the everglades
in florida a few moments on bandaged up knowledge magical uses amount i fly to a glowing in the house but that many wonderful mother visited calm well-heeled people how do you feel about
driving on wilshire boulevard in his add to that but units but obviously if any of the day is
gone well uh… i think people are getting
more batting for that money and before you
long you hear that why are you referring to any particular but so it’s a nice i suppose an extra week if you are out
of uh… welcome will be using some of them will be a and that you mention
level of energy low margin that you know i’m on glad that you know what manner not in a settler family important
that you know about it you don’t believe that you live pictures
when someone you’re under twenty dollars no more than
the other couples do get a chance of the big money in the race for the files in dollars the first and second couples are tied
with three hundred twenty dollars each you know that you know i committed
twenty dollars you selected personalities of the twenties is your
category here’s your first question how much of
that much how much can mean that you are on a
large lining them home during the early twenties the famous
author of the sherlock holmes stories toward the united states what was his
name horrible yeah like home was watching wanted it to me the name of
the author with two of the united states artist came clean and the placement party and in the answers that condo very famous artist from twenty one question ninety and see
if it for twenty five dollars we don’t like anybody leaving flat broke i do think that uh… we bukit a what car do you associate with ten
different green is absolutely wrong well thanks again and that means that the san diego cheap
a poisonous partner and the beach bomber his partner with both of them with three hundred and
twenty dollars in just one minute get the chance of the disorder plymouth one
thousand dollar question hello there this is arlene francis here to tell you
about something new and wonderful the newly nineteen fifty four december a
laundromat this year the stunning new desoto
features power flight transmission the world’s newest and best fully automatic transmission hard-line automatically adjust to get your driving needing instantly a
driving at the exact speed you choose when the magnificent instant response of
power light transmission the tremendous power of the desert of iron domain gin now one hundred and seventy horsepower
and the wonderful assurance of desoto full power steering and desoto power
brakes all driving the town’s pleasure driving and when it comes to magnificent new
styling here into the dramatic nineteen fifty four desoto will set the pace for
years to come even of rare venue nineteen fifty four desoto has an
air of impressive power and ability to eat up the miles tomorrow go to your desoto plymouth
dealers step inside this new nineteen fifty four desoto automatic go for a
thrilling ride in one once you’ve given this new desoto i think you’ll agree and nineteen
fifty-four desoto puts you ahead on a minute play roger little couples tied for the chance
of the big question each couple will decide on a single
heads with women right about all the cards we’ve given them and if both
couples get it right bills with the money between them alright playing on the audience around new england nine clarity martha and the and you our
party has written many successful stories
about the west one thousand dollars i wanted it i mean
the name of the most famous character created by clarence the market right back you know i’m sorry this couple over here
top along casting off the well based on rumored to have from the in national bureau of standards they
split thousand dollars between them and three
twenty factory from expecting a hundred and twenty by congratulating united all of that
money the beetle but alive my we have a wonderful solution
for life and then what are you going to be with
you i think maybe i shouldn’t kinds of
things i could come and visit me in california didn’t have a pan out vaccinations for more than three
thousand is sort of limited mission calls because your bachelor fish are doing it again next wednesday
night at the same time for the groucho marx cio when the big question will be worth one
thousand dollars not pretend that they live television
film also brought to you by the result of the views of america remember that the dealers who sell the
outstanding nineteen fifty four d sought about it with fully automatic power quite
transmission also have on display the remarkable new
plymouth engineered and built to be your best buy
in the low price for you solo tool great new car well products of the chrysler
corporation when you drive and time dr sanjay tonight box in a manner just be sure to c_n_n_ asato on a mac here’s a reminder of the national safety
council stop many accidents before they get
started field but a lot transcriber molly was produced by john
data directed by robert one and bernie smith music by jerry field there’s a george fenton signing off more
than three thousand e solo plymouth dealers from coast to coast you about your life is heard by our
armed forces throughout the world legend the secret word tonight his face have
stayed cd you’ll get your it’s also lives u that your life comedy groceries for those in france by
from hollywood and brought to you a little more than
three thousand solid plymouth leaders particulars of my lab on display an outstanding nineteen fifty four
diesel automatic with fully automatic power flight
transmission and we all knew my teen fifty-four
paloma your past final low-priced feet annulled areas alarmed they all the way majors nobleman or that’s made however him with a thousand dollars go
on about well that’s all we’re always in line for
grandparents this as a result in a you know that always on mondays mister url pollack
like an image of god to his partner is hella wired so fortunately zm eight
roger martz welcome welcome for that is out of time
it is say the city where you divide two
hundred dollars it’s a common when sending you always have with you mister opa like and and and what and you’re right and uh… wavefront originally mentally scene monroe louisiana known where is that as an advice entry dancing that’ll take us a statement on
the banks dissented anybody buying the mainline parent heat did you tell us something about this
uh… and reasonable what did you do it and then when you were there uh… when i was some of their own what he’s thinking used to working very closely happy
handling media instructed a reason why don’t you know detention victory came he stupid aries strawberries and blackberries in
different means rowly and houston with much of the
twenty and thirty-four maybe for in you we’ll look at but we’re about the same
age the would you would you like to get together
lane and discuss our nation now i don’t think i will have my married
my husband and i like that minnesota where does your husband of he said we can does not going to chase me with a
clearer now then let’s see here you know mister potluck missions that the witness yes him and i might call you which are pleasures well i’ve had greater places and i witness in a rather than a lot of all over you and uh… clearly the eighty two years old next
month along if you’re in a time creativity i was retired you mean you still activities because of
that they’ll still active in the civil
engineering profession is was sent to your civil engineers that’s quite an achievement last that long these days listings is usually very thinking when you are
right nolan was out of my life finances years grandfather twice two times along a given merit some of the neighborhood of fifty fifty
two years you know i’d say you want merited a over forty
years pelham al bacho marriages but you do you
have in the middle class running around you and we had a british accent uh… uh… six months old and granddaughter mahoney you again to do something in very picking a dead
end manjusha indians and but u_n_ helena bonham grandparents but it’s
up to eighty two years to do what she did in thirty four finds any confused talking to you to
makes me feel down again in the helen makes me feel really uh… however i presume you more than just in
making some money california vigilant for you gotta do is
only twenty dollars more than a couples and you get a chance to big money hematology are hiking with you twenty
dollars you selected western songs is your category is your first question how much would
you bet within fell twenty canada title of this question song play
jerry handles slag and winter dr it at all forty dollars you know that okay what is a man sa aswell about last night like that okay okay mister failing better evaluate sixty-five when and how canada sexy list last wednesday there painting on and he has a different
religions all my mother and her friend stuff when i realized that well i a studio audience like the girl
from the telephone companies are true emma store is dealing with our partners
a special guest mayor door word lois so for the great
place to make groucho marx well uh… may have hello and welcome your highness whether
the sort of one of their lives say the cigarette and about a hundred
dollars it’s a common way something you always have radio it would loans shows you know i keep up with donovan
stabilize and i was mayor their wordless edward you really interested in this man israel and uh… children is a pleasure
that you realize well you may have the city of san fernando gradual
congratulations that’s it wonderful and magnificent where sentiment did aspects and then there was in the
fastest growing belly in the world out there there is an end of it generally alex and even among the woodstock
investigations soon as i talk to your apartment you had a large scale that we can in other words you mastodons at inside europe in the phone company when you have a very brief prefix where’s your hometown and dolores life and whom junction city kansas nominal manipulative from inside fans movie that is we don’t mind
talking twenty five partisanship in the phone from the from
the iran them in just a minute but one branch of the phone company do you
work for beverly hills office family and leaving on the review value is roughly you ever talk to me when i asked for the
average and now i am time not happily i work as a
service represent you may not be enough for a variety on retrieval and uh… uh… may loomis does get back to you
everything quiet on the political scene just at the moment groucho yes rises checking i thought maybe you had a
plane ticket in mexico city in your pocket and i a married man yes i am goto jimmy choo every a lot of buying votes
in and around cats like noah working in the iranian clients personally why are you heading for votes
these days well i don’t know what the current
location in the news and it’s getting higher and then we can buy a vote for about ten in just about the republican for them any public voting for him and only
fought they may have been on the rolls but like this which seems to me and overactive seems to me i had sent them and it was
the fastest growing community in the world is this true man sentimental ballad is that as a spelling error in the world
san fernando can’t go anymore we’ve reached the limit of our population well have you discussed this with the
members of the car q why why why do you say this is the geographical limitations of the area
where two square miles and the los angeles completely surrounds us how long have you been there three years just to begin about that what are your plans for the future if
you get your eye in the governor’s yeah you planned ahead right for the supreme
court over these and they will open a new bank
and the point on the president of the new benefit we
offer dont on banking services to the people
in that area you won’t even made two years maria
opening your honor there you may be a tire out politically
but uh… i must say you’ve got a real talent well i’m sure neither of you it is a
place to winning a lot of money so let’s get down to this in the race for the thousand dollars the
first of all won three hundred twenty dollars the secret word his face here we go let’s say a hi committed
twenty dollars you selected styles of movies i’ll give
you the title of these three pictures and you tell me the name of the male
star volpi at north korea basic price question how much of a
twenty minute drive alright host on the ripple deplore
advocate and second student life dickinson have forty dollars a year of forty eight
hours of june and try to step down post-op entire mister kyle quiet mantis
and it wasn’t the working dont want operators but helps altering the way starting right that there are quotas and
i don’t know profit-taking of it ever forever the going to try it out with them ended up with the fifty okay or stop in cafe that that is
offering tampa weekend artillery and dot dot that is something i did origin arduous path budget we have a partner store barker
menopause circus where stratton oakmont carolyn missus helen
fighter would you please give it made pocha locks our competitive edge alike
say the citadel and about a hundred dollars it’s a common way something you see
every day mishap and cry that mister darden kept atlanta’s admits and missus insists this
concern but okay i just checking the situation in a time find out a unenviable on cam at happen on on the computer bucky from
an almond on from vincennes indiana on about three blocks away from the wall
base river his answer banks of the will eventually you remember much about vincennes low
levels remember i was born in the flood and
three days later and asked them easels non said he had a good memory remember being born during a flood you are not always oddly i thought stormy that was then the zones
of no they didn’t uh… measles epidemic why did you even stands there well joining the circus did you still have the spots in the face
of the time no i got over that why did you went to china site as was it
falling apart you know i wondered to myself joe process and he’s transistor now like to have somebody century john
the ladies nieces why they coming up on this is the son day national george calc ninja but as you know within seconds body join
the circus is uh… clown what made you think that you make of it
from your was funny at home well round tell me it was funny and then usually any old story of the content of
his muscle in the french clone he was very despondent knows when it
comes from defy anyone to adapt in the darkness his what’s menaces wives suicidal
impulses isn’t always said and the japanese as well as
you need is a good lab aren’t you know the status of psyche and hence the muscling the clown nieces
and my solution as life it’s not a very funny stories
like that as it has a good moral let’s kinda like i joined the certain
the clown in the conferences matter of fact is that they
don’t start what demo saree said have a good more alike
than you have to submit to a story like this and you have that story before i what i
was going to tell you about the contract but you don’t like the story on you do you want to hear about the v_ this uh… would not satisfy animate well anyway contract that i had certainly don’t the
lawyer can occasional at hotmail he doesn’t know all day long it was just
said don’t say at the beginning possessing last is saying i want you don’t mind it volunteers and i doubt it hello i am not going to listen to it it and i’m listening to it welch i start to tell you some low pollen though dot ten minutes ago the contract said klom fifteen dollars a week and you make
yourself generally useful this hasn’t been sent where you were do you mean down or any other time let me know this is a story in a timely
manner seats remain fantasy made an attack that
some identity about this time dateline didn’t join the alleged
incidents look behind out any other reasons k communist-style well anyway right is that the circus and at fifteen
dollars a week as a clown in the laid on the surface uh… she finally family she said but you’re the unfunny is clown we’ve
ever had and then she gave me a job selling
tickets only lasted two weeks trying to tell you all i’m sorry i didn’t even interrupting how are you i just think it’s only a
very successful on stage is fair people and they get a name and i said oh thank you he would you like to hear the story
again about my selena kyle pasar little issue with that i know i want to hear it the calumet what what sort of work so what do you do have i’m a department
store buyers roger it sounds every so often i made a promise not to be more recently and and and and you know no i don’t know what the problem starts
a story with royal hysterical of ms unusual story dallas preferred not to mention the name the largest in the western well is that uh… visited may continue visit sex no nominating though placed or in town that upon regulars when i get to a big race today amount on the let’s get back what sort
of work you do now along with the greatest show on earth
now though he was on accident saline is not a modest about it management alice let’s take a citizen on
and get all the way ringling brothers barnum and bailey
circus the greatest show on earth c_i_s_ jaggi is well you know for the second snow well i’m not on the ringmaster nigel
barking and like how much is that dog in the window tell us about your second so it wasn’t
like this year well i think is the best solely threatened eighty three-year
history of this famous circus together though follicle mister misdeeds juniors
bicester north discover him over indulge in this father was a professor of no
neighborhood near this does not father was a professor doesn’t this is the link below mister lifton
dealing with the henderson arranged whereas mister not waiting in the nod people want to go to europe and moscow
as an advice to say kosovo policies and new york really played
missile where garden since then he was about german stays and
know they have i get mixed up talking to you this device can stand how anybody could
get makes it dominate him except on dot i saw a lot of tickets but honestly
i think the lives of the job i ever had in my life because of the did i wouldn’t
know what donahue i have no idea how terrible it
is only a day particularly since i expect for
systematic first and second if i’m talking to you
too but now it’s time to play by july first chance to the big money why you have to do is only twenty
dollars more than our other couples and you get a chance to the question let in the race for the files in dollars first and second couples are tied with
three hundred twenty dollars each you selected a little of it is your
category all of these well-known places tyson’s
and things begin with a descriptive words level of it all right now let’s see how many of the
identified is your first question not twenty dollars now let me try i learned a does not happen here all of it you agree on this okay you’ve talked to him political career arguably solutions offers an example of pollen it began
when one of the descriptive adjectives little albeit with little crude the season lou including little caesars all proper well corpuz explaining that uh… to change your australian mining
shirdi last night i’ll give you one question it is right
here in ukraine your money up to twenty-five dollars visions for it on hearings in a very respectful on you a little bit suit in window at dancing at the as crazy about and i wish he was my next
contest our last couple of broken that means offers to couples were tied for the
chance of the big question get a chance in just one minute but it’s a little bit
of one thousand dollars left in gaza when you drive a nineteen fifty forty
sold a lot about it with power flight fully automatic
transmission you are driving the most truly
remarkable car on the road today the main reason is simple he sold all-powerful there’s no clutch to bother with no shifting gears necessary all you do is turn the key annual ready
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from a standing start to high-speed cruising in one silk smooth surge of
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brand new nineteen fifty four d sought automatic with power flight automatic
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and the mighty fired on the eight now delivering all full one hundred and
seventy horsepower see these famously solos actor de soto
plymouth dealers so he’ll be glad you did because is so cool what you like that automatically becomes our first two couples were
trying to adjust the big question gradually trouble will decide on a
single answer and i don’t know the scars of we’ve
given if both couples get it right will split the money between okay here
we go joseph briseno’s thoughtfully place name is jail inside p and his second name his capital b uh…
rosie that’s israeli it’s an important figure in current
history for a thousand dollars tell me who is
jus abroad noite ladies enjoys watching it happens
to be marshall tito that means that the man and into the phone companies sc obviously they went to a one thousand
dollars includes in three hundred and twenty dollars paddling is the mail and
five hundred dollars on a hundred and sixty dollars for his hand at six and
twenty dollars you can buy it for that let’s say three hundred and fifty votes
i would say the and then don’t vote for you and probably a good deal of that money by that’s essential all annual man you got started and the coming
bankruptcy days u_s_ emanating testimony out donations from the modern three thousand
this article abusing posted for sure bet your life doctor again next wednesday night at the
same time without so much so when the big question will be worth thousand dollars cover etc autos television show also brought to you about that it’s all
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is produced by john ghetto directed by robert altman bracelets music by jerry for you this is george frampton signing off more
than three thousand e solo plymouth dealers from coast to coast you’ll that
your life is short by armed forces throughout the war ladies and gentlemen the secret word tonight is window w_ i_ n_ deal w really you’ll back your life instructor marks the annual back your
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based on automatic with fully automatic power quite transmission and the o’neill nineteen fifty four
plymouth your best buy in the low price p and all barriers well one day all the way the we’re again was enough dot was blood doctor we have a married a couple of
them are audience mister and missus marti jaye back gene
so close to place them in a mate groucho marx welcome welcome for the sort of
limited it was a mistake it wouldn’t take home the next two hundred dollars it’s a common way something you find
around the house mr mrs mamani jade vacina acting like the guy in the name of
acting on standing on a handbag ki and dot individu lee and that he you know if you change in june mainstream of missus back came out of your basement an online could be destroyed right what is your own time and from long island mean canyon but look great may i inquire hope u helen and when he said when he said and where you from the reason the money well originally from west awoke in new
jersey about a half mile from looking very nice to live above the menus our audio money forty-five really in hand eighteen years that telling cuban ten years doing that where exactly did you make money gave
you a member yes within ten rated politicking high
school unit and a great weekend using king is on religion no i was a teacher lacey and helen mirren featured demands
that the new one money what kind of a class we had
feeding of the class in library science of the
school librarian macedonia occurred it is this is no reflection on you body was kids when they go to uh… reno
nevada helen very issue brought on the library and but tell us something about library
worker how you become a library in new york discos a booking now joins the shell return level you morocco bomb at the time we’re still in a holding that’ll help i spent a lot of the shell crater
without great ideas the ratio of reginald straighten the
books on each of the lawsuit on primary and then went on to become a page
manager you library in the campaign and about he said he started about a minute right at the bottom what are you doing online he had been
given a teaching no i’m still in high school library that polytechnic high
school los angeles into speaking of said and almost every
home there shows that with books on them good books people have read these books in every
them again in the remain on the leverage here and the camps and hospitals to say the
scans and husband could use these books and even
desperately and if any of you folks out front have
any books i think that you through within don’t intend to read again instead of just decorating the shows
were not taken d_n_a_ reissue esso station drop more they’d be doing a wonderful
thing for the kids lionize government really like it when a
lot of money than that lenient berlet’s flavor to another night
we’re going to change of pres you know has created the confessions of
inventing all the money in every question too many people have been going
broke uh… delight can and will you come in
here i want you to explain the rules before questions your victim yourselves by number from a
list of grachev has in his hand there which question as a value ranging from
ten dollars for the first on the list up to a hundred dollars for the temp
question as the value increases ten dollars at a
time the questions get proper it began in four of the ten majeure they missed the question we don’t
subtract anything and to get right we added to your total now that plan marie many questioned him
in the more the question is way the covered it number one is easy number ten is very
hot so it’s up to you the probably the most
money gets a chance of the big question later well let’s see how much money you
can when you select in american history and you are to be pretty good now you can start with a ten dollar
question victory or a hundred and fed up with any questions from fifty dollars per fifteen minutes
and that’s a nice bathroom wright who was the president of the
confederate states jeppesen day that’s right you are
prepared out i see the beauty of those quizzes you
can’t lose this fifty this is inviolate this issue once more may have been taught me a while because
the people he has a certain age of seventy dollars seventy-odd nike when
this when you have a hundred and twenty what was the name of the british general
who surrendered at yorktown on than cornwall carmarthen dr it much better than the old way
worldwide medical covering the sponsor but we don’t care night on twenty dollars million of them you had a seven oh you want to try and
eighty to seven days a very good this year but began in the morning night by nineteen ninety even alan was a revolutionary hero in
command of a famous group of malaysia what were they call the minutemen non-starter the green
mountain boy are you still have one hundred twenty
dollars however and one more chance right around one
more thing about five hundred dollar per player
famous radon in oslo led by john brown in eighteen fifty nine was one of the incident that eventually
led to the war between the states what was the name of this place you married male-bashing nation on this week office parishioners
bc i think that the my brother hoppers montana castello doubled one hundred and
twenty dollars well that’s pretty good thanks again okay joan whose name well we invited
some soggy drivers to the program tonight groucho our studio audience
elected mister by striving to be on the show and his partner as an interesting hobby
she’s missus francis s vera so folks would have been plays a meat groucho
marx welcome welcome to go back to us penetrated by about a hundred dollars
it’s a common way something you find out mrs frances espero and by sharply missus brown stop with you a real
problem aren’t we all want california wasn’t so
he’s been with that how would you say you are approximately
and that’s a better no say involved mahalo actually i you’re unmarried resume usa monica here
won’t tell message and leave wary whereby shadley had this way where you come by lou was born in them whereabouts town called goodland that senator levin middletown your name is by stanley here his advice to inform well i need to mention the pensions for
bun non d_n_a_ in ole enviornment general yanking well i don’t know some phone on me that mission and for a little money you need
to know that minimal really uh… when he doin nipple and when i was a good one on hamas guide polio by one militia and phones you know you kid humanity fashion telling women rule of fifty four years they happily name wellness will actually you have any job one bullet let’s see what was that uh… and call
you silicon valley urine something rather you mean you’d
rather or bad pin trotter who pays you sure she and like the same is built into it little for servicing you’ve been rail or you settled by within what big races anyone uh… mister
shadley lowman lush coolidge trauma she returns shammond even i won the kentucky security in hamiltonian that’s a real big minimal tone tupelo reluctantly the future you’re pretty modest element to the way
you really is a victories of his so nothing which you don’t like to talk much of the
you know well your own home very much more non-member numbers from out you say a man in this is dennis i don’t
know that as you make your husband well uh… resume you still have i was looking for a job going yeah here for a full while applying for
flying school that’s a great idea the best way to do when i was against it was
going on right side but identified what we’re doing it at this place well in for a job meanwhile want union what would you do you say you want for
me i was the flight instructor how long did you do that horrible final barber fault even flying for twelve years and a long
time behind you manager did you really do
there if you were you in midair but companion and a lot of money and you
made any unusual places francis on i have only part of a their need for the
last three years the part about daily really at one place
and then is not the ladies wanted around a on you know it’s the on winning authorities when you read this year in then where is this the within five mins
motto uh… i think brown lawrence
massachusetts to long beach california that’s along right how do you make out had nothing to chance updated graduations you must be particularly
proud of kit must have a pretty fast manager that
your client or no that’s a very stopping that you can come
in on standstill one bonino woman’s recognize right involved in a different kind of a
race tonight you’re going to play about july progesterone i can tell you how much you have to end
that uh… judge is going to remind our listeners in the race for the files in dollars mr mrs back to you on one hundred and
twenty dollars the secret word is window i attend questions here you get any for these questions you want
on him and the number ten this for a hundred dollars and that’s much more difficult than the
first question which is for ten dollars that we had and any money you when you keep you where the fifth there food and drink as you look at it just talk about seventy send it out what is the start of the role of the
stage and cold you know and i’ll take it av you know the miami out-and-out them nine upset me down as meticulous and
nobody can take that away accept me as soon as the show is over now which one do you want a hundred yards of sand funny baby any talk up a little view he and shit paid out all right one of the sugar
substitute made from corn tatkal photo informed he should know this second but you still have a seventy dollar
right now i get my question which one do you want sixteen sixty one is the main ingredient
of art wanting it see you know any of these you still have seventy dollars manager
for and you can use that as an and and one of the smoke using
photographs that would still go profit on a cubes of toasted bread redone and we’ll wind up with seventy dollars
class not too bad head-on bank and the like and that is not
opening day of nobody keeps me out of that only a five follicle on-line something here i would
like to mention it’s about christmas sales you know every one of those christmas
seals you buy and use helps fight the battle of tuberculosis and t_v_ is our country’s number one
infectious ca so-and-so that letting you get
containing the christmas sales by them and use them all right you’re absolutely right while we have a uh… ah woman with an
interesting job in a man who works in a restaurant groucho as she’s missus eat of tina stand mister
tolley harkins t so political in place to make groucho marx welcome welcome for the start of women
in the state is a good way to divide a hundred-dollar it’s a common words something you find
around the house mrs read aquinas the keenness to his and
how you pronounce it that’s right even penis what kind of a name is at penis my husband from switzerland since
listening where you from here i’m from new york city like new
morningside part was that so it is the limit at that time tony heartened stand seen one office feinstein what kind of a name is
that consistent with the physical actually it wasn’t me here and it maintenance with me allocated whatsoever what does your
husband do he and i operate in the hands the w
mansion with him you wanna do inform him that i taking a little bit deviant is quite
frequently and some of them whether he was right belong to the dude ranch dungeon has
nothing to do it do remain a dude ranch the dogs are you
serious i’m perfectly as there is this the same thing on this as it would be for people and the only
thing films did you do that for most of the time its full all the time in fact the
candles away almost everyday happen threatens to holland success on right now the french foreign minister
dora going to leave them at your plea bag when i when i looked on how would i go about it well the first thing you have to do is
giving me plenty of notice so that i had to share the evidence found at you notes for the for the wind how else do i have to do to get my dog
in the uh… for when you have to tell me who recommended
after you because it very particular about the
dough they have to be strictly debts and we have to know who the people sam laws he started months into their own is
what do you do well most of the on his right develops
and then i take the letters into the dogs and i have nai read it the reviews letters and the latest now i’d now here or on and i’m linda makes a lot of the race at
this time well i have an excellent rate everything regarded reserve here well uh… not expensive ass you give me the old argument around colantonio could change the subject
which he’s changing about now whatsoever what do you do it accordion player of the story from the
list of unit koreans we started you kind of this
was found dead in new york him of what is the elderly exactly them
while you know it was a combination of you a chance for use in the fall setup multiple it takes place in the charm you teach me and you know being so in houston now apparently you hadn’t heard me i can hike in one of them like a coincidence that they say hole below right now you put them warrants all well if take a good schools and to using from
federal hold forward or cholesterol your balto kalau u you only have a lot yo it’ll six thousand in new york used for that who during world war but the they can’t do it florio you’ll were remove family who do more things badly and anybody and and certainly fun talking to you to even
have time to play a better life regions of the big money in the race for the files and dollars mr mrs back gene are still leading with
one hundred twenty dollars or you know we have a new with game why
don’t you know you’ve chosen geography as your own
category i’ve got ten questions she’ll pick any
four these you want based on a ten dollars in about two
hundred on but there are people who thought that
they get now are there any question this is
clearly in ideally arriving date then the question
which is the easiest without that the anything we talk about m mean alright and want fun capital you
find the kremlin moscow at chinese hitech do not and i think uh… you can making missing you alright in what state you find pike’s
peak carreira ass thirty dollars which one you want forty one of the capital city of jelly sentimental family and our right not happening on one more question you
can take and when you want one of the tallest mountain in north
america mile north american mom making amount mckinley is right hundred and thirty dollars that means the lady who runs the dude
ranch for dogs and her partner with a hundred and
thirty dollars in just one minute get the chance of that sort of one of one
thousand dollar question ladies and gentlemen this is our leader
and if you can tell you about the most wonderful new controversy the nineteen fifty four desoto automatic the december one and that it is the one
car plan and bill to do exactly what you wanted to do
gillian findlay do it quietly and do it safely at old b meant that marvelous thing to know and wanted beautiful car there are
completely new interiors to the new instrument panel is in perfect harmony
with the rest of the exquisite appointments unreal gila like instrument
panel giving you a real feeling of luxury take it for me ms nineteen fifty four
desoto automatic give them really thrilling car a car you know what is the
right away if you are just end up in the field dropping in to drive the nineteen fifty
four desoto automatic and enjoy the snow no ride the ride that put you ahead
automatically becomes our wedding couple documentum
switzerland the lady who runs the dogwood rentals up a bit thousand-dollar the sort of limit
question wilcoxon one of the couple figures of
california early days was a writer and poet formalized this place is is roaring camp
info contract one thousand dollars from the name of
this painful acknowledge let me ask you to decide upon uh… yes we don’t know was bred time right things as little or
no though that my red hot reality
appalachia p so that means the big question next week
we’ll be right one thousand five in a moment when you watch the big money
management including the eleven thirty dollars has no it’s not too bad thanks
and good luck from a more than three thousand is out of one of the u_s_ from
coast to coast and all i can pass it on the field they should do it again next wednesday
night in the same time marshall marshall when the big question one five hundred dollars not responsible for delivering hill also brought you might solo and remember that the dealers who sell
the outstanding nineteen fifty four that’s a lot of money with fully automatic power quite
transmission also have on display at the remarkable
new plymouth engineered and built to be your best buy
in the low price p the solo tool great new car well product of the chrysler corporation
when you drive and fell unconscious and you can i possibly manner that if you are too c_n_n_ asato on a mac here’s a reminder from the national
safety belts when driving don’t stick your neck out
in front you’ll fit your life transcribe from hollywood is produced by
john for them directed by robert bauman born a slave music by jerry field this is george minimum signing off for
the more than three thousand e solo plymouth dealers from coast to coast you about your life is heard by our
armed forces throughout the war

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