(mouse clicks) ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ ♪ (grim piano music) ♪ – (disturbed) Oh.
– Oh. – Oh.
– Oh no. – Some scary shit going on. ♪ (death metal instrumental) ♪ – ♪ (shrieking) ♪
– Holy shit. (laughs) ♪ (shrieking) ♪ ♪ (indistinct singing) ♪ – Caw! Caw! ♪ (cacophonous music,
shrieking, and singing) ♪ – How creepy is this? – They, like, genuinely look scary.
– No, what are they eating? – I think she was just eating flesh. – It’s like a giant tarantula on her head. His head? Her? His? – Oh, I blame you, Tim Burton. Oh. – This is some gnarly
makeup and costumes, man. – Production value great. ♪ (shrieking and singing) ♪ – That sound. – They’re sampling my mating call. – ♪ (singing in Japanese) ♪ – This looks great. – Oh no, they’re gonna eat her. ♪ (music calms, intermittent giggling) ♪ – Who laughing? (sinister giggling) ♪ (death metal starts up again) ♪ – I’m about to close
the computer. I don’t like this. – No. Oh. (worriedly) Oh. ♪ (grim piano music) ♪ ♪ (harsh notes, song ends) ♪ – That was some crazy shit. – No, not gonna do that refrain
for me one more time? ♪ Aahh, ahh, aah ♪ – I’m going to have nightmares
because of this. Why would you show this? – I have to say,
the music was pretty good. (sudden laughter) ♪ (melancholic music) ♪ – Okay, I like the rain.
– The rain, nice touch. – ♪ Pig that is soaked ♪ – I hope that’s water. – It’s really artistic. – ♪ It is a pain of the children ♪ – I’m just waiting for something
to really go crazy here. – ♪ Hate yourself ♪
♪ (metal rock) ♪ ♪ In the maze without an end ♪ – It’s good. – Are Gothic boy bands a thing in Japan? – ♪ In the maze without an end ♪ ♪ Why do you still breathe? ♪ – These are like video game characters. – Look like Final Fantasy
characters, really dope. – Final Fantasy, the rock opera! – Compared to the last one,
this is much easier to digest. – I don’t know if they’re boys or girls. But they fine. – Look how pretty his eyes
are. That’s not fair. – ♪ …still breathe ♪ – Little Kill Bill references going on? That was great. – That one seemed a little normal.
– That was better. – It’s still not my type of music.
It’s no Carly Rae Jepsen. (film reel clicking)
♪ (zydeco music) ♪ – Little harmonica action. ♪ (zydeco music) ♪ – I can already tell
this is gonna be weird. – Hey, shouldn’t play with knives. ♪ (music distorts to a halt) ♪
– Oh no. (camera shutter clicks) – Oh, here we go with
the weird shit again. ♪ (metal music) ♪ – Oh, this won best album. – Is this like a style in Japan, like a certain style music video? ♪ (indistinct singing) ♪ – It’s Japanese Marilyn Manson. – I’m singing along. ♪ (croaky singing) ♪ – What is he drinking? – ♪ Order are going
crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy ♪ ♪ (screaming) ♪ – Oh gosh! What is that noise?! – ♪ (singing in Japanese) ♪ – I’m not big on the whole clown thing. – Minus the clown, we’re doing good. – The costumes are great. – All the costume design
has been really on point. – Oh my god. – ♪ Upside… DOWN!!! ♪ – Oh.
– ♪ Upside… DOWN!!! ♪ – Ugh. – Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Someone licked a leg. I saw it. ♪ (jittery metal) ♪ – This, like, makes my heart
race. Oh my gosh. – Can I get the names of all these bands? – Even though it’s not for me, I bet you they have millions
upon millions upon millions of people that come to their shows. Somebody SoulCycles to that, I’m sure. ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪ – (Finebros) So how would you describe
what we just showed you? – I would describe these
videos as very disturbing. – Vibes of Marilyn Manson. I enjoy it. – It reminds me a lot of
kind of the Final Fantasy aesthetic. – It was a little Tim Burton-esque. Like a designed nightmare. – If I were six years old, and I sat here and you put this computer
in front of me on camera, I would have started crying.
– Me too. – (Finebros) What genre of music would you classify these bands under? – Uh… (laughs) is there
a genre for them? – Panic! at the Disco meet Marilyn Manson. – I would call that carnage pop. – Japanese heavy metal? – Heavy metal.
– Screamo heavy metal? – Screamo heavy metal music mixed with cosplay
and very artistic costuming. – (Finebros) So all of these
bands are considered something called “visual kei”…
– “Visual kei.” – (Finebros) …which is a movement
among Japanese music, characterized by the use
of varying levels of makeup, elaborate hairstyles, flamboyant costumes, and sometimes androgynous aesthetics.
– Okay. – So like late ’70s.
(both chuckle) – (Finebros) Would you say you liked it?
– No. – I wouldn’t say I liked it. – I did not like it. I appreciate the art form and people being able
to express themselves. – I did. Everything looks very perfect.
The hair was perfect. Their skin– everything was just unreal. – From a musical standpoint, no. From a visual standpoint, yes, absolutely. – (Finebros) Can you think
of any music genre in the west that is kind of equivalent
to what these guys are doing? – I mean, like Slayer,
I guess, and Slipknot. – Insane Clown Posse? – Makes me think of, like,
’80s kind of like rock bands. – Kiss.
– Mm-hmm, with their makeup and like, “Ah.” – (Finebros) So let’s talk
about these videos. The first one was Insanity Injection.
– That’s a dope name. – (Finebros) What did you think of it? What was happening in that video?
– Insanity. That’s their name. – I was so distracted by
the screaming that I wasn’t even getting the full effect of the imagery. – It was like the worst parts
of Ridley Scott’s Alien. – It was Satan’s side bitches,
and they didn’t eat that morning. So they decided to eat all the humans. – They were eating people. One of the girls had
their costume like this. She looked like Kerrigan. – Weird monsters and flesh-eating
people are– I don’t know. I never expected
to see it in a music video. – (Finebros) Second band
is called the Gazette. – The Gazette? – (Finebros) And they’ve
been around since 2002. – Oh, wow. – (Finebros) And they’re one
of the most popular bands inside of visual kei.
What did you think about them? – They’re probably the most popular, ’cause they’re not eating dead bodies. – I found myself strangely
attracted to them. (laughs) – That was cool. I see
they’ve been lasting so long. – Out of all of them, that’s the one that I could
get down with the most. – I was expecting some
crazy thing to pop out, but it stayed pretty mellow. I liked it. – It was still definitely
in the wheelhouse, like in that style realm.
But because it was more simple, I could enjoy the music a little bit more. – (Finebros) And the last video’s
from a band called DADAROMA. Thoughts on that one?
– It just, like, unsettled my stomach. – I can’t possibly form an opinion
that’s not “I’m afraid.” – The clown thing’s a little weird. I have a bit of an aversion to clowns. – I don’t like clowns, so that’s me. And the music was screaming,
which is also not me. – I love that vaudevillian aesthetic. I love the puppet-show feel that it had. – A feel of kind of a
Alice in Wonderland vibe going on. – I liked the music. The visuals threw me off,
but I guess that’s what kei does. – (Finebros) So visual kei
is referred to by a lot of people as a genre of music. But people who are in visual kei bands will say it’s not a genre. But it’s the fashion and participation
in the related subculture that makes you a visual kei band. What are your thoughts about that concept, that could have multiple types
of genres inside of an aesthetic? – I guess I kinda like it, because then it’s inclusive
to anybody that wants to participate, no matter what your taste of music is. – It allows for people
to express themselves in all of these different ways,
and I think that’s really cool. – I like that it’s part of a movement. – And those videos we just saw– they’re like three
different types of songs. But, you know, their
costumes are really cool. – Korn kinda did it later, where they mixed
this kind of like rap rock but metal thing together. – It created this culture
that existed with these themes, similar, I would say, to visual kei, where these themes all lived in there. – (Finebros) Finally, after being exposed to some of these videos, do you think this is something
you’re gonna want to look up and see what other bands are out there?
– Absolutely not. – No.
– No. If I’m gonna search it, I’m gonna be searching it to scare people. – No. I’m not interested in any way
to delve into this nightmare. – Visually, it’s great. Maybe
I’ll do a Google Image search, but maybe not a YouTube music search. – 100%. I am going
to make a Spotify playlist of visual kei music. – After learning that there can be– it’s about the visual aesthetic
and that it’s not just one thing. So that makes me think, “Oh, there might be something
that I would gravitate towards.” So that’s worth looking into. – Thanks so much for watching
another episode of YouTubers React. – You can subscribe
to everybody down below here, here, here, boop,
boop, boop, ba-doo-boop. – Do you have something
you want us to react to next? Let us know in the comments below. – Goodbye. Sweet dreams. ♪ (end music) ♪

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